Looking for a good recruitment agency in Turkey

I am looking for a good recruitment agency in Turkey! Help please!!

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Kindly note that I created a new thread as from your post on the Turkey forum so as to help you get better visibility and thus interactions on the latter.

I invite you to check out our business directory : Jobs in Turkey for professional contacts while waiting for members to revert back.

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This is the best website for that but you need to translate the site with Google Translate.


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Good Day !!!

Am looking good recruitment agency in Turkey. I have consulting company here in United Arab Emirates i want to deal with agency so i can deploy skilled worker and none skilled worker like housemaid, caregiver, nanny , most of my applicant from Philippines / Nepal .

Looking forward for good bussiness tha benifits to both of us.

If interested kindly send email***

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This is an old thread. I suggest you contact the professionals listed in the Jobs in Turkey section of the business directory to inquire.

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