Hi Merril,
I am thinking of moving to the La Ceja area and was wondering if you know of any private fincas for rent or a nice apartment in the area? I'm currently living in Jardin and would like to be closer to the airport and Medellin. If you know of anything I sure would appreciate a reply.
Sincerely yours,
Todd Smith

Hi Todd:

They are building new apartments and homes in La Ceja like there's no tomorrow.  If you make a visit to La Ceja, it would be very hard to miss them.  As far as fincas go, I don't really have much info.  I have been told fincas are quite expensive to rent, unless they're really remote, where there's only one or two buses (escaleras) passing each day.  We're going shopping later today so, I'll ask around and post anything I find.  If you send me a private message, I'll respond with my cell# and we can talk personally, if you want.

Hi Merril
Thanks for replying so quickly. Yes my Colombian number is ***.
Would enjoy talking with you very much.

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Hi Merrill I'm sorry for getting back to you late my girlfriend has my phone. If you have a way of calling me on my US# that is with me now otherwise I'll try calling again today around noon.

This is a long-term thread, and very informative. I thought I would post here instead of starting a new one. I am booked for a short visit to La Ceja October 5-8, to get a feel for the town and surrounding area as I try to decide on a location to retire from Canada. I did spend a little time in Medellin and the Coffee Zone this past winter.

I would really appreciate being able to meet up with someone familiar with the area while I am there. Please PM me if there is such a possibility. :)

Hi Peter,
I saw your conversation regarding apts.and fincas possibly for rent in Marinilla.I was wondering if you could possibly help me find a small finca for rent on the Macarena golf course side of Marinilla. I'm currently living in San Antonio Pereia and have 3 more months on the lease. It's a super nice place but terribly noisy. So if you have anything in mind I'd love to hear from you. Thank you for your time.
Sincerely yours,
Todd Smith

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