Need some hints about Split

Hello my name is Patricia, I live in Liverpool , England and I am thinking of retiring to Croatia, maybe the town of Split. Any hints please? x

Hi Patricia,

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What kind of hints are you actually looking for please?


Priscilla  :cheers:

Good morning Priscilla,
I would like to know is it difficult to get a visa to retire permanently in Croatia, I would like to buy a small house or flat there , are there many English people who already have retired or live in Split? Sorry so many questions. :) x

Move to Split, second biggest city in Croatia. On sea, nearby islands, beautiful mountains, rich history, great food market, great climate and above all BEAUTIFUL people. Good luck. Need any more info kristijanzovko108[at]

And how much is 1 br apartment for a month in Split?

And how much is 1 br apartment for a month in Split?

around 300 euros... more in the old center of the town.

To answer the OP, I don't think it's very hard to get visa for permanent residence, especially if you're from EU. I don't know the exact procedure, but I don't think it's very different from other EU countries. There are lots of foreigners living here permanently. Lots.

In Split I don't know how many english/brits live here already. I know one who came here and openned a restaurant. Probably there are a couple more... The city and it's suburbs have 250-300 thousand people.

Thanks to all of you for your answers xx

I think you will need a visa for 5 years renewable every year, then a permanent ID card. Try to get a OIB number as soon as you can.For doctors etc.

Hello Oldtate,

I've read two entertaining books about a New Zealander expat who moved to a Dalmatian island (Korcula) in the mid-2000s. Her hope of retiring there didn't go as expected, but that in no way means you won't enjoy Split. Of course, village life on an island for her was likely drastically different than what your life in a big city like Split might be.  Nonethless, I have met many expats in my twenty years in Croatia, several who have been here as long as I have and enjoy the lifestyle very much, and many others who have thrown their hands up in disgust and left.

Have you spent a prolonged amount of time in Split - I mean more than a three week holiday ?

If you want to read about the Kiwi expat's experiences, feel free to send me an email and I will give you the link to my book's website where I have a bookstore with several book's I've read about Croatia over the years that are written in English by both Croatian and foreign authors




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It is worth the time and effort. Especially if you'd rather swim than walk.

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