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Hi all,

Newbie on the Croatia forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Croatia if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

  Hello all, if you are reading this now my name is prince adewale shoniyi from Nigeria. I am now living in Croatia for the past 2years and i must tell you that it's a beautiful place to live.

First its not easy to get along in new country without knowing someone before or your relatives.

So all what i do is i started to learn the Croatia language. I want to tell you if you are newly arrived in Croatia you should not forget about the regulation of your stay, no matter what you should ask someone and go to meet the police on the matter of stay. Law change frequently and health insurance is the very important so that you will not pay fine. you can freely ask me any question about the alien laws.

And if you come from Africa, we had an association call Drustvo Afrikanaca u Hrvatskoj mean (society of Africans living in Croatia)

Enjoy your stay here and lets contribute to the growth of our host country Croatia. :)

hey i am from South Africa , living here in croatia for almost 5 years (trogir) nice to know there are more africans out there

I'm not living in Croatia yet but I'm planning to buy a house in the north east of the country, near the Hungarian border where I'm currently living. There are not many expats in the area I'm planning to live but a lot of people speak English so I should find it easier than living in Hungary, where I have failed dismally in my attempts to learn the language.

Hey there! I am an argentinean - croat by origin. Moving to HR on May 2014 for 9 - 12 months- My family is from Rovinsko Selo near Rovinj. And looking to network and some room/apt to share on my staying. No problems of papers or language here I have EU-Croat Passport. So actually what I look most is place to stay in Zagreb. I am a light weight traveller so a room with a warm bed an a shower is fine! I wanna be based on ZG traveling frequently to Istarska. Cheers!

Hey there,

I'm from sweden but croatian by origin so the language is not a problem. I would like to find work in Split or maby in Zadar.
I would love to find something within hotel/Spa.
I am an esthetician with many years of experience and an international CIDESCO diploma. 
I've also worked with management and administration. 
How easy is it to find work like this?

I would love to live in croatia and experience the country as more than a tourist. After all, this is the the country where I spend my childhood summers and where my parents grew up.

Hvala :)

Hello Everyone!

After 51 years of living in the U.S.A. my husband and I made the big move of retiring here.  It has not been easy dealing with the bureaucracy but we are finally settled in.  I've started attending the Croaticum course at the Fakultet of Rijeka.  Our teachers, Miss Nenci and Miss Želka, are excellent and patient.  Croatia is such a beautiful country and I do look forward to spending the rest of  my years here.  I miss my family in the U.S.A. and Mexico but meeting new friends, eating healthy food, breathing the fresh air of the mountains and sea, and living life at a slower pace eases the pain of family so far away.

:cool: Pozdravi!

My name is Tyson and I will be visiting Croatia for my first time in May till June for 18 days. While I am here I am going to explore a lot of the beautiful coastline and how many islands I can visit. I hope to find a decent study abroad program as well as a possible job transfer with UPS if at all possible while I am there if I enjoy the country enough to live here for while. I do hope I can find the resources to lead me this direction after I arrive here, so if anybody has any tips on this send me your knowledge!

Dobar Vecer!


I'm Emy. I live in zagreb with my husband since one year. My husband works and I finishing my online-PHD in marketing.
I love having fun, reading, listening to music, watching good films with friends, hanging out for coffees and travelling.
I'm a funny and witty person. I wanna make friends from different nationalities and I enjoy discovering new cultures.

I do really love living in Zagreb, it's such a great and magical city!



We are planning on visiting Zagreb this September how long have you lived in Croatia . I am horrible at picking up languages how do you think we will get along on English is our only language. My girlfriend is an artist and I'm in the wood flooring business. I'll post a picture of us when I figure out how to work this blog better. Thanks for your reply

Hi there!
I'm from Los Angeles and am Croatian by heritage (Mali Losinj). I had been here many times during my childhood and 2 years ago, decided to move here permanently. I'm currently living in Rovinj, in Istra, and am moving to Pula in a week's time. I am an English teacher at a private school and am working on studying Croatian between grading tests and essays.
So far, I've loved living here and plan to continue to do so for quite some time.

Yes dear I like to move in Croatia. I'm living in Pakistan and in dental technical I have my own business in Pakistan Karachi I like to start my own business in Croatia my age is 33 and my education Bsc in Karachi and related documents about dental field do plz tell me what kind of help you can do for me I'm waiting for your reply

I am new to the forum and hope to learn as much as possible about the beautiful country of Croatia from those of you who are living there. I have not had the opportunity to surf this country's ExpatBlog entries just yet.

My goal is to move abroad when I am finished with my responsibilities here in the N. America. I found Belize and have spent a great deal of time there, but I am open to other locations.  I love Europe.  So, I am still in research mode and have been for several years.

Okay then , I am excited about learning all I can regarding your country and I hope to make some Croatian contacts during my time on this website.

All the best to you and yours,

Hi my name is Mico, I live in England, my father was born in Croatia. I have bought a property in Croatia my partner and I love the country, the people and the surroundings. Plan is to retire in 5 or 7 years time and enjoy a half and half existence so to speak, England V Croatia.
Wonder who will win?

A newbie on the forum joined because of the interesting topics being discussed....many thanks.

Hello all, I'm a Londoner although I've been here in Varazdin since 2005. I just found this place.... I'm clearly a bit slow!
I'm active on the forum so i guess this is similar?

Hello pf501, is an informative site for all Expatriate around the world. Take a look at the Expat Forum section, and whenever you have a project of expatriation, or vacation and need infos, you just clik on the country of destination, and get access to the forum. Very user friendly ;)


Hi, I am Claire, I am working in a travel agency in Pula, moved here in May. I was working on the cruise ships for the last year, and thats how I knew Croatia. I am from Beijing China, Pula is very different for me , just don't know what to do sometimes.. I like to meet different people, hear different stories. After traveling the world I found out people are more interesting than all the beautiful sceneries.
is there anybody live in Pula? not much foriegners here..
I also wanna study some Croatian , but can't find the language school in Pula..

Hi, I just moved to Pula 3 month ago, but still have no clue about Croatian.. Am looking for language school now. Ur Croatian must be very good already. : ) it's nice after learn the language and can talk with everybody

Hello all! 
I moved to Matulji (Opatija) just a few months ago and am trying to get accustomed to the culture here.  It will take me a little time to learn the language though and I was really hoping to meet a group of "Internationals".  Do you know if there is a group in Rijeka?  I can travel to Zagreb but it is still almost a 2 hr drive so no so convenient. 
I moved from Portsmouth, NH where I lived for almost 20 years.  Before that I was in Italy also for about 20 years, in Milano where I worked and in Rapallo where I grew up.
Would love to hear from someone!

Hi there, after reading your post for the African population in Croatia, I wonder if there is something similar for Americans?

Hello!  It's nice to see someone else has moved into this area and settling in. 
I moved here just a few months ago and am trying to get used to this change.  I still have a few years before retirement so hope to find a way to work and make a life. 
I am struggling with the language though.  I'm often in Rijeka.  How about a coffee sometime?

Hi Claire, totally understand how you feel.  I am in Rijeka area and also trying to find "things to do" and people to talk to.  Pula is not so far away.

Hi there, I am in Rijeka,  How far away are you?  I wish I could get a group going in this area.  I really need to meet people I can talk to.  I'll learn the language eventually, but in the mean time.....

Hi there,  where in Croatia?

Hi Steph,
Just joined this site.  Lucky you to have a job.  I moved to the Rijeka area because my parents are here and "aging".  So here I am, no friends or job, or anything at the moment.  Really strange situation and first time in my life.


I'm in the U.S.  near San Francisco in Sonoma Co.   I visited Croatia several years ago and loved it.   I'm curious about your experience in Croatia.  Are you glad you moved there?   Expenses?  I'm having trouble making it on Social Security here in the U.S. - wondering if Croatia would be more affordable? 

I realize that you're looking to meet people in Croatia so communicating with me might be of little interest but I would be very interested and grateful for any information you'd like to share. 

Best of luck with move~adventure in Croatia!


Hi Helena,
Sure, no problem!  A US "pension" would go a long way here, as long as it stays in Croatian Kuna, which most people think it will.  There is also a growing "international" community here.  I am trying to get in touch with people and it is taking some time, but it will happen. 
The only thing to check out is the laws  both from the US side and here in Croatia about retiring here. 
I just moved here so have not much to say yet.  It is a little different for me, I think, since I moved here to care for my aging parents.  I am also looking for work and to make friends.  I am finding this to be a slow process. 
Send me questions and I'll try to answer them. 

Hi, I just went to Rijeka last weekend, and passed by Opatija, it's very beautiful .i must go back and see it properly someday! And I found a national park called Risnjak near Rijeka also, planning to go there for hiking. I haven't found any foreigners here, need to talk with people .. Do u have friends in Opatija? Hope u enjoy!

Hi, I'll go hiking with you!  Although I might be slower.  I don't know anyone here so don't have any friends yet.  Know how you feel, I need to talk with people too!

Do you work in Opatija? I don't know how to get there, I think there r buses in Rijeka , but have to check .

I don't have work for now,  Would love to work and hope to one day soon.
Are you traveling with bus?  I have a car and can meet you somewhere.  If you would like to come to Opatija I'm sure you can find a bus.


Thanks SO much for responding!   I'm delighted to connect with you and hear about your experience of moving to Croatia.   A few questions...Are you American?  Where in Croatia have you settled?    Your parents/you are Croatian?  Speak the language?

I spent about 3 weeks on Korcula  a few years ago.  I loved the quiet and beauty on Korcula but I must admit it was a bit lonely.   I was traveling by myself.   I found Croatia to be a very family oriented place which is wonderful if you happen to have family there but  no one had any interest in yet another tourist!  I felt that it would take several months to 'find my people'. if I stayed there.  I found some interesting personality differences between myself, an American, and the Croatian women I met.   I admired them...would like to 'absorb' some of their character. 

I'd like to go into more detail about the financial aspect but would not like to do it on a public forum.  Perhaps we can exchange emails someday...I'm so glad to hear about the financial aspect....very encouraging.   

All the best,


I have some thoughts about business/Croatia.  If you don't mind saying....what is your business?

Hello. .
I am Theresa just finished my masters in documentaries and settling in zagreb now.
I am Egyptian and just started my youtube channel "unique" in which present unique ideas..people ..places..
The channel is in Arabic and English.
If you know anything unique I can film please contact me I am open for suggestions.

I am preparing to move to Pula in about three weeks to join my girlfriend in Pula. I am a totally and permanently disabled vietNam veteran and a retired psychologist specializing in traumatology, treating other survivors of trauma both in the V A system and in my private practice. I garden and have a good hobby. I have lectured and taught at many universities and trained and supervised Doctoral students and IDF (Israeli Defense Forces psychiatrists and psychologists.) I also teach molding and casting using RTV and resin in my hobby. I will be looking for a good used vehicle and residence upon arrival in Pula. Any suggestions or opportunities are happily accepted. Small cars are nOT my forte-I am 6'4" 260 and small cars are not conducive to my size. I have left -over injuries from Viet-nam that can be challenging to osteo-arthritis. Any suggesions or tips are greatly appreiated! Robert Hayes.

I am curious about your comment "difficulty finding things to do" Might you be a bit more specific? As a soon-to-be ex-pat, I am excited about the culture, anthropology, and history of the country, and learningt he attitudes toward a "Big,ugly, American"there. ...and your idea of seeking a "group" of ex-pats from America is great,as long as it doesn't become an exclusion to Pulans,who MIGHT wish to hear ofwh ere we come from. I sense they have volumes of history to share with us and assist in our Inclusion into their country!?

Hi there in Split,
I am moving to Split in April, hoping to enjoy the summer and finish my book. It would be great if I could find a part time gig in the music industry, tourist industry or just teaching private English lessons. I can also consult businesses, as that was my last corporate position.

I'm looking for a flat for about $300 to $400 per month. Is that possible?

Hope to meet up with the other expats there is Split in April. Are there any MEETUP groups in Split? I have run some in the states. Any advice appreciated.


I will be there during the period you are coming. Are you going to Split? You may be surprised how absolutely beautiful it is there, and how easy it is to fall in love with the place.


my grandfather has land in croatia, but when I looked up,the title deeds it is now in someone else's name, how can this be?

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