Pregnancy in Bandung

Hello Everyone,

I am pregnant with my first child, and have to decide if  I will have the baby here, or if I'll go back home to Europe. Who has experience with delivering their baby here, and which hospital (and doctor) did you go to?

My decision will therefor be based mostly on medical requirements.  Most important is to find a doctor that I will be feel comfortable and safely. 
Hope you can help me guys.


Hi, and welcome to the forum.
We've had two babies here and, much as I can't offer advice about that location, I can make a few general suggestions.

Try to find a doctor that speaks English - plenty around.
Avoid local bidan, they tend to be very poorly equipped.
Ask around for a good maternity hospital - friends at work and so on will have a good idea as to the place with the best rep.
Stick to one place for the whole pregnancy.
Watch the bills. I'm pretty sure some places add treatments for people they think can afford it.
My son was put on CPAP (Oxygen at higher than atmospheric pressure) for breathing difficulties.
My worries faded away when I noticed the cup had fallen off his nose, and he could breathe perfectly well without it, and had been doing for at least 20 minutes (I have the photos t prove it, all timed and dated).
I argued the bill, saying the doctor was clearly in error about the very expensive treatment. The photos of him perfectly happy without the treatment were the killer.
The hospital also neglected to start the immunisation process - a lot crap.
Some might very well suggest the hospital were adding a 3 million per day treatment to get the bill up, but I don't claim that.
As a side note, Indonesia has very strict laws on defamation - no idea why that came into my head.

Oh, and they will lie, so watch them.
The hospital claimed their X ray machine was broken, non existent was closer to the truth.
After a couple of days, I lost my ability to be subtle, so went looking for the room - there was less than one place labeled as such.

Try check out the Hasan Sadikin Hospital it's one of the largest hospital in Bandung surely there would be Many specialists doctors around.Or if it's ok for you to travel further there was one located in Cirebon Mitra hospital, I had my baby deliverd there trough cesarean,it's nice clean and armed with almost all the needed medical equipment.
May you be blessed trough your pregnancy


Hi, I understand you post your questions on March, but I hope this could help.
My sister got an excellent service for her first baby born from Limijati Hospital, in R.E. Martadinata, near the city hall. After her delivery, the nurse periodically informs her about the baby's immunisation schedule.

I hope you have a safe delivery.


kdwin :

Hi, I understand you post your questions on March, but I hope this could help.
My sister got an excellent service for her first baby born from Limijati Hospital, in R.E. Martadinata, near the city hall. After her delivery, the nurse periodically informs her about the baby's immunisation schedule.

I hope you have a safe delivery.


Yup Limijati Hospital is specialized for mothers and children so it might be a good choice. I take my kids there sometimes. This place is literally located in the middle of the factory outlet area on Jalan Riau and has been there a very long time and clean and modern so it's nice there. They have private rooms with TV on the wall and a sofa for guests to sleep over. As Fred mentioned above, be careful with the doctors, don't let them propose things that are unnecessary. Aside form that Limijati is probably a good place to give birth.

Having said that, you first posted in March so I wonder if you have already given birth, if not, then good luck.

Hi, I am also pregnant with my first baby and living in Bandung. I am currently seeing Dr San San Barki @ Limijati for my monthly check ups. Service is very good despite the waiting times (sometimes 3-4 hours). Although, I think that now that he has cut down his hours, the wait will be less. Unfortunately, I'm not so good with Bahasa Indonesia, but there is usually at least one person who speaks English - and the nurses are more than willing to help. Dr San San was recommended by several people in Bandung. He studied in Singapore and he speaks fluently in both English and Indonesian. Very friendly and happy to take time to answer all your questions.

I am also wondering about delivering my baby in Bandung (I am also thinking of delivering in Singapore). As you posted in March 2015, I wonder what you decided and if you or anyone else could give me any tips :)

What are the costs like? For bed, and delivery, anaesthesia, etc
What kind of pain relief is commonly used and do they provide epidural?
Language is important when in such a stressful situation - do the delivering nurses speak English?
Are most doctors inclined to natural birth or caesarean?
How are the facilities? Do they have a birthing pool or hydrobath?
What are the normal procedures like for birth in Bandung?
A few mentioned that doctors may recommend 'unnecessary procedures'. What are some I should be aware of?

Any other people's birthing experiences in Bandung will be very helpful!

Hope you'll be able to help! Thanks :))

Hi there,

My wife hasn't given birth in Bandung but she has given birth to two children at Gleneagles Hospital in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia as we were living there until last year. Our obstetrician/gynecologist was Dr. Jean Woo and our pediatrician was Dr. Adrian Goh, both of whom are brilliant, of course English speaking and who delivered and followed up with both our children until they were 3 & 4 years old. You can read about them on the Gleneagles Hospital website (see their faces too). The total birth including private room cost about RM3,200 - RM3,500 (about Rp11 million) at Gleneagles Hospital and that price has probably increased.

Actually, we read the news recently about fake vaccines in Indonesia, and have decided to continue having our children vaccinated in Malaysia with Dr. Adrian rather than take the chance over here.

In Bandung there are other excellent hospitals, Limijati just happens to be specialized for mothers and children and closer to where I live, but it is a small hospital. There is another hospital in Cihampelas (CiWalk) called RS Advent Hospital which is supposed to be very good and also RS Santo Borromeus in Dago which is considered an excellent general hospital. These are both much bigger than Limijati and maybe they are worth checking out.

Talking of Limijati Hospital, my son was hospitalized there for a couple of days for dehydration because he hates to drink water. The doctor was an elderly lady who was nice and the private room was very good. We only waited about 10 minutes before seeing the doctor, but I have heard from others that the wait can be extremely long, which we don't like. Also, although some of the elderly doctors are excellent I tend to prefer younger ones.

As for doctors proposing unnecessary procedures or tests, I think you just need to be alert and question them should they suggest or recommend anything that you don't understand or feel is necessary or related.

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