medical check for work visa, residence visa

Hi there,

I was advised by one of expats here the rule may be changed regarding medical check for work visa in Bahrain.

Could you advise a few following questions regarding the health or medical check to get a work visa and a residence visa?

    Is there any blood test especially for Hep B?
    Is there any medical test including blood test for family?
    Medical test for work visa and another one for residence visa?

I was surprised from the web that this is case by case and also depending on nationality too.

Thanks for your help in advance.


This is the official link from LMRA web, which give you the details. … aminations

kindly go through it.


I have done my medical test today so want to share some experience here.

I came to Bahrain with visitor visa a month ago and currently I am in the process of work visa.
I had my CPR and work visa sticker on my passport.

I went Al Razi Health Centre. My test was booked at 1 20 pm but I was there early as I learned something here in Bahrain. The first step was on the 1st floor to register. I took a number ticket and waited for about 30 min. I registered for the test and received a paper that shows the procedure. The numbers on the paper are room numbers so go to the designated room for each test or simply follow someone In front of you.   
Following registration the next stop was x-ray on the ground floor. I had to take off my shirt in the queue. It was not a good experience. It took 5 mins.
The next stop was blood pressure and eye test in another room on the same floor. It took another 5 mins.
Doctor consultation was the next on the same floor in a different room. The doctor checked my heart sounds. After that he put the date and time on the paper for collecting test results which is a couple of days later. It took 2 mins.
The entire test including waiting time was about 1 hr.

The staff were ok if they smile more it would be much better.

There was no blood test so I believe it depends on the job category.
My flat mates, accountant, IT manager and engineering supervisor, did not have any blood test either.

Thank you for sharing your experience flee27.


last update for this.

Two days later I went to the health centre again.
I went to the first floor and got the number ticket. I waited for 30 min.
At the counter I showed the paper which I received two days ago at my medical and then I received a certificate with 'FIT' on it.
Now everything is sorted.

I am not sure what the process is if 'UNFIT' is on the certificate.

flee27 I am on my family visit visa now here in bahrain. I want to transfer to a working permit. Can you help me on the details exiting bahrain and coming back again for working visa processing. You went to Al Razi Health Center when? while you are on visit visa? Is exiting to dubai and having a medical check up there another option? please help me on this.

I only can tell you what I experienced and there is no guarantee for others to have experience in the same way.

I came here on visitor visa but I had already contract with my employer. My employer insisted that I can covert to work visa easily here in Bahrain. Almost everything was sorted out by the employer and all I need to do were to get medical test and to convert my driver licence. These were also helped by someone who was organised by the employer.

The first thing you have to do is to find the job.

Hay guys
Is British national required medical test. I had an offer as hotel general manager and I would like to take the offer

However, I do have Hep C is that an obstacle to continue

Please advise


Hi flee27
How do I know which job category required blood test or no. Any idea


all I know are from my expereince.

engineering technician, engineering supervisior, accountant, IT person no need blood test.
they are indian, pakistan and korean.

good luck.

Thank you flee27

I just back from my 3 days trip in Bahrain which I accept the offer. However, upon asking questions I came to know about medical test. Unfortunately I am Hep C so I told my employer

They are now looking into the matter

Thanks again for the information

Hey. How did u get on? As I'm also British, just arrived here n heard about the issue of Hep C.

I am work in Bahrain ,i got gud job offer in oman ,there required gamca medical or gcc medical any hospital available in bahrain to do gcc medical or gamca .i am indian nationality .

Ask you potential employer in Oman if you can do it here, else you have to do it from your home country.


Dear Sir,

Recently I was selected for Bahrain for employment. I undergone a medical test in GAMCA Hyderabad. Initially they said you have small calcification on X Ray. Then I did Chest CT scan and re appeared, they given fit certificate. If I came to Bahrain, Is there any problem in medical? Can you please provide suggestion?


You have GAMCA FIT certificate.  They will do an x-ray again in Bahrain.  It should not be a problem as they are less rigorous than GAMCA.

Thanq for your reply. PPD test came positive. Is it fine for proceed the resignation. Pls advice.


Ok now you are giving the whole story. PPD test being positive means you have been exposed to or have latent TB (if no chest xray evidence).

Look it's your decision. I would say not to resign until you clear medical in bahrain. As if they detect something in xray, they will do PPD or sputum and it will be positive from what you have said.

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