looking for native english speakers living near St Pierre

christ974 :
mel_motur :

Well we actually moved here for one main reason, our son needs special care we don't have in our country. I came to this forum as I don't know anyone yet in reunion and would love to meet new people, make new friends. My passion is everything that's got to do with animals. I was a dog groomer back in mauritius, and also the general manager of an association  that saves the strays. Voilà ;)

sorry to hear that!!how old is he?
do not hesitate to ask any question !!some of us may know the answers!
renée2014 is living in le tampon ... why not sending her a private message !!
and if you were to come to st pierre , you can pop over to my house!!

all the best,


oh thank you!! :mad:

Sorry been very busy lately, don't take it bad. It has been kind of hectic as we are still settling in. Until June we won't be fully settled I guess as we are between mauritius and reunion at the moment. Will surely pop over as soon as I have some free time I promise ;)

In Trois Mares here

Hey, I am not in the country at the moment but as soon as I am back which will be beginning of June we can meet up ;) maybe meet all the English speaking people one day ;)

Hi all,
are these meeting still hapening? recently arrived from australia, so would be nice to catch up with english speakers/ Let me know if you still do.


yes they still happen every so often.

must be time to organise another.


that would be great, let me know when :-)

Dear all,
I've landed couple of months ago and would be lovely to meet ppl around. Any meeting soon?

MaryAli :

Dear all,
I've landed couple of months ago and would be lovely to meet ppl around. Any meeting soon?

didn't get any answers....

there is quite a small community of english people .... maybe you could ask to be part of thsi group on facebook...

I had the opportunity to be part of those meet up at les 3 brasseurs (3 B's) a few months ago....

or you can initiate one by yourself....



How did the meeting go? Are you still in touch? is this project still going on?



Hi Valerie,
so far no meeting, but i'm keen on meeting over a drink if you feel like it, i'm actually in la saline now. let me know

Hi Delphine,
My fiancé Michael and I will be in Saint Gilles les Bains this week-end coming if you want to meet up. We will be in La Rondavelle Loca Plage in l'Hermitage since there is a reggae band playing on Saturday 9th at 5pm. Let me know if you can make it. If not, it will be another time :-)

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