Making new friends

Hey everyone,
My husband, my four year old son and I recently moved to réunion  island. We live in le tampon, and we are finally settled. We are pretty much alone here as we don't know anyone, so we would like to meet people and make new friends :) is there any get together happening or something like that? Anyone has kids? My boy also needs new friends ;)
Hoping to make new friends soon :)


I am a French national, expecting a baby in February with my Irish partner.
I would like him to meet people too as it can be quite lonely when you don't have the language...
We leave in Saint Pierre.

Let me know if you're interested to meet up.



I arrived in Reunion just before Christmas and I'm living in St Pierre. I haven't come across any Brits, but would quite like to- I don't speak French yet so I'm getting pretty bored now....

... sorry, didn't really finish that message!

So yes, I would definitely be interested in meeting up with someone who is in the town and also not fluent in the local language!

I hope to hear from you soon.

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