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I am searching for online shops in Vietnam. I found a website where are the top 10 online shopping websites are listed i.e.,, etc. However, they are all in Vietnamese. Does anyone know an online website which is in English? Thanks for your help.

What is your purpose?

Do you want to buy things online by those sites?

Dear friend, I wanted to find the online shopping website in English. And just yesterday my colleague told me there is a website called . you can find things u want and most important it is in English!!!!!!!!! hope you like my answer! enjoy the online shopping

It's as in the West - much of it is over priced junk.

One of them also operates a 'bricks and mortar' outlet and the stuff didn't look that good. After all, they have to pay for the TV channel and they can only do that by huge profits.

Most anything they sell can be bought in VN at markets, Co-Op Mart, Maximark Supermarket, etc. Check out:

Another aspect is returning defective/substandard goods, warranty, etc. It's OK if you live in TP HCM (and have your own wheels) as you can personally visit their offices but further afield.

The planned fraudulent/deceptive sales of goods isn't too prevalent here, yet, but things are changing. So be careful.

Another aspect is payment. Can you trust some complete stranger with your credit/debit card information here in VN?

Thank you this is very helpful. Regards, Susanne

I think buying stuff online is secured and much more economical compared to normal stores as long as you find trustworthy sellers. Pls specify what you are going to buy  so that I can give you some sellers for reference.

Lazada works, has English, and you can pay COD.

Geox shoes for my kids I need.

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