Helping a Single Mom friend in Nha Trang

Hi all,

Would like to help out a friend in Nha Trang. She's a Single Mom and lives with her child in fairly spartan conditions. 

If I wanted to buy/do any of the following where/which shops/businesses would i go about doing it:

Picking up Fans and hand held vacuum & other appliances
Purchasing an Air Conditioner (portable)...or having one installed.
Buying a Sewing Machine
Setting up wi-fi/internet service
Finding her a nanny on a monthly basis
Good quality clothes for toddlers 

And, do any of these shops sell gift cards/certificates/vouchers?

Thank you all in advance.

For electrical appliances, try the various electrical good shops near the corner of Thong That and Quang Trung (both streets).

The large computer shop,  on Thong Nhat Street, near Ba Trieu Street, will probably be able to sell and install the equipment and set up internet for you. Check them out.

For cheap baby and childrens wear, there is a wholesale/retail shop at Cho Dam market, on Nguyen Thai Hoc Street, one or two doors  west of Tang Bat Ho Street.  I suggest you don't do the shopping yourself, or the price will go way up.  My wife always finds the best deals and bought most of our daughter's clothes there.  Sorry, I can't give you the name of the shop. Good luck.

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