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My name is Maia. I am a freelance writer living in the Seattle, WA area.  I'm working on an article about what it is like to live the expat life as a senior, single woman. I'm researching this partly because I want to write the article, but partly because I've often daydreamed about becoming an expat. I am single myself, and 65. I'm particularly interested in Italy! I visited Florence and parts of Tuscany in 2013 and fell in love with the area, and I've been studying Italian. I've read many articles about couples who retire outside the U.S. But little about the experiences of senior single women abroad. If you are living in Italy as an independent, single, I would love to hear from you!

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I was intrigued by your project to explore what it is like for a senior single woman to live in Italy as an expat. I am a widowed woman of 62 to an Italian husband. So I am a citizen of Italy as well as a citizen of US. My husband and I were planning to make more trips to Italy however I am now widowed. My children are dual citizens. I would like to spend more time in Italy but have had much to do here in US and settling my husband's estate. We have lived only in US as my husband's family (ancestors) were Italian immigrants.
I would like to continue to follow your project. May I? Please let me know how to keep in touch with you.
My email is ***
Thank you. :)
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I Dominic been to Italy many times in the past, find your study interesting, in am Canadian with Italian ancestry, lived in Costa Rica in the past, curious on Italy I can be reached at ***

Thanks Dominic

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Did you ever finish your article?  I would love to read it!

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Unfortunately, this thread is 3 years old and MaiaSeattle has not been active on for more than a year. Maybe you could reach her through her website.


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Thanks for the reply & providing me her contact info!  It's most appreciated!


Did you finish your piece?

I'd like to read it -

I'm a senior in Seattle (Wallingford), moving to Spain.

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