Possible to Claim back INPS ?

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I am an Indian working in Italy for past 5 years. Now I am planning to return back to India. During the course of 5 five years, I had paid my INPS. Could anyone suggest if it is possible to get back the INPS money while leaving Italy permanently? If yes, could anyone help me knowing the procedures?

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Hello dear, Though i am new to this forum and looking for any answer the way you were looking back in 2013. Had you been succeeded in claiming back the INPS fund? Let us know please.

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I am also looking for the details. Can i claim INPS amount while leaving country?


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Do you have any answer on INPS amount refund?


No one has responded to this, so thought I'd check it out.

I suspect not; I've just checked a few expat websites and these are systems established for Italian workers for Sickness, Maternity, Paternity and Parental and Retirement benefits; such schemes do not have a cash-in value.  Italy does have agreements with other countries in regards to entitled people to receive any benefits they are entitled to in another country (i.e. pensions), however, you have to have paid in for 35 years to be entitled to an Italian state pension.  If you think you are entitled to any benefits from the scheme, I'd recommend you contact the Italian Government Department responsible for this.

This link will take you to their (INPS) website, unfortunately (or, more probably, understandably) it's all in Italian.

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            I am afraid i have no idea about claiming back INPS. If you come to know, let us all know as well.
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