Find a job in New Zealand

I've found few interesting websites that will help you to find a job in New Zealand:


Immigrate to New Zealand with a job:


Job offer:

Hope it helps!

If you know other websites, please post their address in this topic :)

Well if you're thinking of going to the Bay of Islands you could check these maps to find businesses where you want to live, and then contact them direct. You could also go all modern and do soemthing like sell stuff on the NZ version of ebay:

And don't forget that you can also use TradeMe to search for jobs, subscribe to job categories (for new jobs), etc :)

Thank you for these links.  I am in Wellington and currently looking for a job.  I also visit the online Government website for prospects.

Hello !

I am in Auckland since January. I am looking for a job in IT (I was a software engineer in France) but I am open to other offers of little jobs available without experience needed.
I have already looked on seek, trademe, newsherald...
It seems to be very difficult to find something without knowing anybody.

If someone can help me (maybe I am not doing it the proper way ?)... it would be great !

Thank you in advance

If you are a qualified professional and looking for work in Wellington or Auckland I would recommend speaking to Robert Walters. They can give you good insightful advice.

Areas of specialisation:
Sales and Marketing
Supply Chain and Procurement
PA / Secretarial.

They do permanent/contract positions.

They are a global agency.

Hi everyone! I just joined to this blog.
I found here very interesting links to find a job.
I want to move to NZ from Spain. If you were me where would you do at first place? Which city? Live in a house or in a residence? I would like to live there for some years..
Thans for all!!

I know medical job site in AUS/NZ- Medicareer

  I am an Electrical Diploma Holder (3 year) from India, Kerala State, having around 10years of work experience. I speak English and would like to settle in European union.It seems to be very difficult to find something without knowing anybody. Could you please suggest how to get a Job at New Zealand, considering I am an Indian, who speaks English only.(maybe I am not doing it the proper way ?)


Sajith kumar
E-mail: sajithvdy[at]

Hello all,

I have currently moved to Auckland and looking for work. I have been applying to lots of jobs on a daily basis but nothing has come of it. It seems hard to land a job here unless you know someone. Any tips?



I suggest you to have a look to this guide: work in New Zealand, it might help.

You can also post your job demand or your CV in theNew Zealand classifieds

Hope this helps,


Hi this is Jamil ,I am a telecom engineer and currently associated with Orascom pakistan,and i want to migrate to NZ Could you please help me in this Regard,also i want to Know the living expense in NZ and Avg Salary rate

Hi Friends,

I agree with Jullein, Try this website:

Should you need to translate your documents for immigration/study purposes I will be happy to help,

All the best,


Sam Ayyub

I am an aspiring teacher who recently graduated with a Degree in Education.  I am primary school trained.  I am looking for a career in NZ.  What are the job prospects like, salary, best places to live and teach?  I will be moving my young family if I am able to find work in NZ.

Hello I am Umair From Pakistan , I am a Food Technologist and planning to move to Newzeland, what are the job options avilable over there can any one guide me

What are the job prospects like? Well, over 2,000 applications were made for a handful of jobs at a DIY store in Dunedin and even more people than that applied for jobs at a new supermarket in Auckland.

The job situation ain't great right now and Kiwis will be given preference over migrant workers, even though it contravenes race discrimination legislation. Google jobs for kiwis or read this

I am looking for work as a nurse and made some applications last year and did have some job offers. Unfortunately I could not take up any of these due to the sale of my house. My house has just been sold but cant seem to get any job offers now. Im not sure if this is because my circumstances have changed and I really need a job offer now, or if there have been any changes over in New Zealand. Any ideas? :/

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