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Hi All,

I have just arrived in sakaka and would like to meet up with any Australians, Malaysians, Thai's or Filipinos currently living near by as i have lived in these countries recently and hope to some things in common.

Hello Craig Mack,

Welcome to :)

It would be great if you can introduce yourself please, it will help other members to know more about you.



Hi Prescilla,

I did do a brief introduction is there more information required if so please advise.


Hey Craig

I hey

I am Kenyan. i have just been offered a job of assistant professor in Al Jouf University in Sakaka.

Please let me know the estimated cost of living there.... What should I look out for when negotiating?

Many thanks

......housing in Saudi is expensive, especially in a compound. Are you with family? Make sure it's with all utilities included - water, electricity and gas. (the former 2 are the most expensive).
An enclosed compound is the only option really with a family - reduces any problems re cultural observances.

Saudi Arabia is strict Islamic Conservative Wahabism. I do suggest you read up about it before subjecting your family to it. I'm sure you already have.

Non-conformity is punished quite severely.

However the Kingdom is under the wise rule of King Salman, custodian of the 2 Holy Mosques.

Cost of living in Sakaka is quite cheap I would allow for SAR100 per day but this may varie depending on what you like to eat and do there is limited things to do so the most you would spend on is quad biking at SAR100 per hr food is quite cheap in general the food I found very cost effective was the Afganistan BBQ chicken shop in town is SAR20 for a whole chicken with large rice and would last 2 meals there is also a Pizza Hut which will cost SAR30 for a pizza there is also some local fast food places which sell subway type sandwiches and other things we ate at home most of the time and bought food from the supermarket which was quite cheap and Thursday afternoons they have very fresh bread for SAR1 for lovely buns but you will have to fight for it as the locals go crazy of it overall is very cheap but depends what you like.

I used to see the Uni bus take staff to the supermarket on a Thursday with groups of teachers doing the weekly shopping mainly women.

I have heard the Uni accommodation is very sociable on weekends but we never got an invite as we didn't know the teachers.

Many thanks for your kind reply. Is it better to accept the university accomodation or get my own?

How much does a basic one bedroom or studio cost per month?

The contract has 60 days paid leave for summer. Does this have to be at a particular time of the year? Can one serve 10 months of a one year contract and take last two months as annual leave?

Hi all ,  and Welcome to the quiet city : Sakaka

Advantages :
1-  Easy traffic , you should own car or provide your company transportation
2- Housing cheap than other city,  single rooms costly from 500 to 1500 S.R
3- Warm weather than other at KSA
4- Safe and quiet.
5- few places to visit such as ( lake , desert tour , gardens )
6- cheap food

Disadvantage :

1- Far from big city ( 1400  Km to Jeddah , 1200 Km Riyadh )
2- No interesting activities  (  join GEM , shopping )
3- Little restaurant

Many thanks for the update on life in Sakaka

I am very pleased to know exactly what I am getting into

I am curious on the rent for single rooms you posted. Would these have bathrooms and air conditioning at 500 to 1500 SAR?

What are teh average costs of internet in Sakaka? I am a fairly heavy internet user

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