Proper location in Chile to consider

I'm currently looking at Valparaiso area to visit, may one day move there if we like it. What concerns me is that it may not be the right area to explore. We are hunters and fishes, coming from central Wisconsin,USA. So, is this a good hunting, fishing area? Also, heard that normal temps may not be conducive for swimming?? So, I'm asking ...if I want amenities like coastal/beach front living, with tv,internet, close to metro area (but not too close), good shopping, restaurants, and hunting/fishing within reasonable distance. Is Valparaiso good...or go further north or south? Any suggestions?? School for the granddaughter is important too.

Further south. Are you talking about deep sea fishing or lake fishing? We bought a place 15 minutes south of Los Angeles on a main river.  An hour from the mountains for hunting and an hour from the coast for beaches.

If you are doing planning on moving somewhere, you should visit first.

Hi "Chesse Head" friend...

I think you should search more to the south of chile, think that Valparaiso is more like San Francisco (chilean way) so perhaps you could go to fish to "Laguna Verde" but... there aren´t many places..

But we don´t hunt ... just croatians that lived in the south of Chile hunted... actually they hunted american indians people called "ONAS" near 1900 to "clean" their lands near "Punta arenas" city...   photos … E7.jpg?470

Actually chileans hunt women, that is like the national sport that we have... you should do it, foreigners have a lot of luck with chileans women.


Ricardo, actually the man that you're referring to, Julius Popper was a Romanian Jew, and not Croatian. He and his paid mercenaries "hunted" natives because they were killing sheep belonging to ranchers.  In their culture, the natives had hunted openly for millenia, and did not understand the suddenly imposed system of fencing off land and that sheep actually belonged to certain people. Natives in North America faced a similar dilemma.

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