Expat Blog meetup for August!

Hey guys and girls,

It's that time again - another meetup!

Last month's was a success in my opinion, and I would like it to grow. More details to come, but in the meantime, please post here any suggestions you have as to places, dates and what you would like to see or do.

Last month I invited some people from Meetup, this month I have an idea of another group we can mix with, so every time we meet, we see new people. I also encourage you to bring your (expat) friends, as the bigger the better and the more ideas/tips/love we can share.

Again, this meetup is for expats. No local Turkish people and no repats.

Mods, if you can make this a sticky I would appreciate it  :idontagree:

Today I learned what repat means.

Done  :D

Hi I am also quite keen on meeting some foreigners here.

I am French, and have been living in Istanbul for 6 months.

Please let me know if there are any planned events coming up!


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So the date of the meetup will be Saturday 6 September at approximately 9pm.

We are meeting in Kadikoy this time. There are lots of bars around, and transport is very easy. Metrobus, ferry, dolmus, bus, metro all go there. And for those who live on the Asian side, it's even easier!

Feel free to message me with your RSVP. Ahmad is the contact for male expats wanting to join the party. You can message his profile here. We will be revealing the exact meet up location and time to those who contact us. So make sure and tell us you are coming!

For those who are interested, Viktor Levi Restaurant and Bar and Shaft are a couple of possible places on the agenda.

Thank you ( m_jenk )
and hoping to have good fun as same as last time and even more
here is my number for guys WHO are interested in joining

see u there

okay tell us the exact meeting place

Hey Deep, the exact location will not be put on here, it will be told only to those who message us and say they're coming. Hope to see you there!

sure jenk

I'm in....where exactly in Kadikoy?

hi Elena .. M _ Jenk will send u msg about the exact location soon


Hey everybody. I will be messaging directions, exact address etc. tomorrow night. If you have not messaged me yet (or Ahmad) to say you're coming - please do so! That is the only way you will be sent the information.

Also, please include a phone number and let me know if you have Whatsapp when you message me.

I have sent detailed directions to Ahmad and anyone else who messaged me to say they were coming. I'll be on whatsapp until 8:00, after that you can reach me by phone. Looking forward to seeing you all!

Note: to get home if you live on the European side, dolmus runs all night, so does metrobus (after 2 a.m. it comes every 30 mins). Either way you can be back home in 20 minutes or so.

My number is: ***
in case for directions or any inquiry
hope to meet u again and more fun this time


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Thank you everyone that came out. Hope you all enjoyed yourself.


When will the next meet up be? I missed the one in August.

Thank you :)


Hi all.
Wen is next meeting.? Eager to come

Hi Guys,,                                                           Im Rhina from Philippines,I have some foriegn friends who would love to go this kind of gatherings,We always hang around all together its kind of boring to see our same faces all the we can attend any of your events.Thanks..See yah.

Lol,  ı was manila last month for a businees meeting,


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