Family of 4 moving to Stockholm: school and realtor questions


We will be moving to Stockholm beg of October for a 6 month (extendable) contract with my husband's company.
Are there any parents in the forum? We'd like to ask a few qs regarding our daughter's preschool options.

In addition, we'll be needing a place to stay, so does anyone know a reliable realtor we can contact?

Thank you

Good day Tina

How did your move go?

Could you maybe give me some info on the schooling etc?

Thank you for your time.

Hi Jade,

This is an old thread from 2014. I'd therefore request you to stop digging up old ones as you have already created topics/posts about the same subject, which members are currently responding to.

Thanks for your comprehension.

Good luck.

Sarvesh team

Good day Sarvesh

As you can see, I am not really getting any relevant feedback.  Also, the posts i am responding to are because a lot of the questions do not have any replys and i feel those people would have moved already and can give me the feedback i need.

i am simply using the site as i assume it was intended and trying to get a response from relevant people.

Thank you

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