Good websites for learning/helping you with Swedish

This website serves as a great dictionary English to Swedish and Swedish to English. What I like most about it is the ability to hear the pronunciation. I used this website when I was learning Swedish- a very big help.

Also Google Translate (English to Swedish/Swedish to English) works wonders if you receive mail in Sweden that is in Swedish and cannot understand most of it! I used this countless times to understand the full extent of my mail as well as emails.

Hope that helps anyone who needs it!


thanks for the info!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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Hello, I know this post is quite old, but for anyone like me thats just stumbled onto it...I would highly recommend an App/Site called DuoLingo.

I have it on my phone and i have been doing just the daily recommended amount for 32 days and it says i`m 15% fluent already, Haha, i can read it well but sometimes i struggle to translate when it speaks the words :)

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