Anyone who lives in neyagawa osaka?

Hi. I really want to have friends here. I came from philippines and moved in kumamoto. And i recently moved here in osaka. I dont have any friends. And i want to have a job like in a factory or something. I can speak japanese english and tagalog. And i know how to write hiragana and katakana. And i know some kanji.  Im 19 years old and living on my own since last month.

Hi Itsnikka,

Welcome to! :)

Thank you for this introduction ;)

we could do educational and social things together.
I am an European in Osaka.
love to hear you :)

any one filipino who lives osaka japan because nxt week i move there for promoting and tour of my company i need a friend or somewhere else in osaka because 1st time to go there, thank you and best regards

Hi, Im living in Osaka City near Neyagawa.
Im interested in Filipin.
Pls tell me about Filipin.

Hi! I live in neyagawa too!

I'm a Filipino: I moved here in Osaka six years ago..
I can see that this post was posted last year..

I also want to find friends in Osaka.

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