New in Osaka

Hi everyone

I'm Luseyi from Nigeria. I recently arrived in Osaka to work in the Japan office of my company. I am an accountant by training. I love to travel, meet people and have an adventure. I'm really interested in making new friends and learning the Japanese language.

You're in luck. Osaka is a great place with lots to do and is very close to the beautiful historic city of Kyoto. Osaka people are well know to be friendly and with a strong sense of humour. Good luck there.

Thanks Hansson.

I'll be glad if you could introduce me to a few cool friends around.

Hi Luseyi,

Sorry but I don't know you and I wouldn't want to introduce my friends in Japan to a stranger from an online forum.

You'll need to find and make friends yourself. Have a look at some other threads about making friends in Japan as many posters have given plenty of ideas.



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