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Can someone please discuss the supply of English speaking medical doctors and dentists in Shanghai. Thanks!

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Yes there are English speaking Doctors and Dentists in Shanghai.

What is the question?

There are many international doctors here in Shanghai especially in the private international clinics.
Most can speak English but for some it is a second language. Most of the time really depends on the specialty you are looking for such as a GP, chiropractic, and psychologist being the most common.

At Parkway Health, who have multiple clinics across the city, in Puxi as well as in Pudong, they've got doctors and dentists who speak English, some who speak German and some who speak French.

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There is special department for foreigners in Dong Fang Hospital , All the doctors speak English there .
But it is expensive.

Ni hao to all who check in. I am a 63 yr old retired American living in Tianjin with my Chinese wife.I know this is off topic, very sorry about that, but I wanted to ask the same thing about English doctors in Tianjin. Does anyone know of a good, trustworthy, English speaking doctor here in Tianjin? The specialty would just be general practitioner, or internal medicine. If you have any info, please post a reply here. Waiting for your reply.  :sick

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To anyone who can recommend any good and reliable ENT hospital or clinic downtown Shanghai where English speaking doctors are promptly available.Here is my point: I have a history of allergies and lately my condition has worsened and resulted into ear infections. I have tried a couple of local hospitals but sadly Chinese doctors here are overworked and sometimes cannot afford the necessary time to listen to patients considering the number of people they have to see daily. Added to this, the language barrier which adds up to patients stress is a permanent hurdle for Expats. Please advise with contact details !

Parkway health care

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You can also recommend this hospital in the Health section in Shanghai Directory.

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Highly recommend Shanghai United Family Hospital in Hongqiao. A close friend of mine goes there and shares with me about her experiences at the hospital.
There is a mix of local and foreign doctors and all of them are conversant in English! So don't worry about that. And they are patient and well-trained.   :D

I remember that most doctors from Shanghai United Family Hospital(in Changning District) can English. Many of them are from English-speaking countries.

Last summer, my Japanese teacher recommended me Shanghai United Family for I got bad cold. To my surprise, there is a dept for Japanese speakers. And I was no longer worried about my poor Chinese to describe my pain and symptom. And I found many doctors there were expats and they came from America, Sweden, Philippines, Canada ......
I made an appointment online with no waiting.(website languages with English, Janpanese and Chinese) And services there were really nice and nurses were considerate. Just Take It Easy!
I hope my personal experience can help you.

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