I am considering in this moment an offer in Shanghai and I have few questions about "health insurance"

Unfortunately it's something that the company will not take in charge... ( it's part of the negotiation of a full amount of annual salary) and so, I will have to take care of myself alone! ;-)
I will have to subscribe for a "full" health coverage insurance service (including hospital/dental/travel safety service...)

Does anyone can give me any tips/suggestions and cost for that kind of insurance?

Thanks in advance for any kinds of infos that will helpful for me to feel "save"! ;-)

I am looking forward to reading you soon!


Most employers in China offer health care coverage as part of the employment package. Most industries are actually required to offer at least basic medical insurance. However, if your job is not offering health care coverage, you can shop around. The one with the largest network is MSH-China. The price of coverage will vary by provider, the package you select, and whether you opt into any VIP services (like English language for customer service, scheduling, travel, dental, and emergency services).

I suggest doing a quick internet search to see what the rates are for Cigna, MSH, Aetna, and InterGlobal. They are the big names in Shanghai.

I'd suggest to buy one of those international travel and medical evacuation insurance from a reputable company in your country if you don't have a health condition where you need to undergo regular checkup.
There are usually valid for 6 months, also valid for getaways trips to Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan.
You may Google " Chinese social insurance" and ask your company to link you to the system and they have to do it.

My Chinese teacher always told us to buy an insurance for ourselves. But the annual fee is too high. And my roomate said that some private hospitals in Shanghai would serve patient with no insurance, like Shanghai United Family Hospital. They think that medical care should be accessible to everyone, including patients without health insurance. They accept checks, debit, and credit cards as payment for visits. The patient privacy also is kept well. This hospital really helps me a lot. (Doctors there speaks English.)
In addition, many Chinese Insurance Company do not accept expats. And do not trust some ONLINE insurance company before you check them.
I hope my suggestion will be useful.

Hi Dan77,

Did you get any insurance so far? Do you have a piece of advice?

I am in search of health insurance as well, yet almost no Chinese insurance providers speak English or provide services to expats.

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