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HI Guys. I would just like to ask the help to anyone of you who has knowledge on my problem right now. I currently here in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. I am having problems on my Final Exit, my employer told me. I came here last Nov. 2013. Last Jan. 2014, our admin told me that they are having problems in getting my iqama because they told me that I have to register to the Saudi Council of Engrs. But they told me that I have to pay personally all the necessary registration fees,but I told them & wrote them a letter that I refuse to pay. They have no reply. Then unfortunately I submitted my resignation, for my own personal reasons & not because of the payment for registration. I told them on my resignation letter that they have to get me out of Saudi Arabia before Feb. 6 or 7, 2014 because that will be my 90-days & my visa will expire. When I followed up my application on the last week of January & 1st week of Feb, 2014, they told me that it is still in process. When the time came that my resignation application already finished & my supposed flight was Feb. 24, 2014, they told me that my visa already expires & they cannot get an exit for me. They told me that we have to wait for my iqama to come. I told them that I think I have to register first to the saudi council of engrs so that Jawazat can issue m iqama. I already went also to saudi council of engrs. - jeddah office & they advise me that I really need to register to the website of saudi council of engrs. So for the sake of my exit, I just put down my pride & try to register in the council. But when I tried registering the saudi council of engrs. website, there is an error(in red letters) in the Step-2 of the process on which I cannot save & continue after I input my Visa, Border & Passport numbers, that "I am facing a problem validating my information. Use Ishaar Services." I am thinking that maybe because my visa already expired that's why I cannot cannot continue registration. Now I do not know what to do. I am stuck here & already received my last salary last Feb.24, 2014. I do not know if I really have to register to saudi council of engrs for my iqama will be issued & after that we can get already an exit visa for me. Or if I really need to register, why am I experiencing my these registration error in the saudi council of engrs. website.. I have also rebooked my air ticket 3-times.. Can anyone please help me if you have any idea about this. I just wanted to go back in our country.. Thank you very much.

I would suggest you should personally visit the SCE office again. The error you are getting during the registration process doesn't necessarily mean that you cannot register because your visa is expired. Their system is quite problematic. I've heard from people getting these kinds of errors on the website even when the case is normal i.e., no visa/iqama issues.

Good day Maximus0902. Thank you for the advise. I've already went to SCE-Jeddag office but not on this problem. I've already registered with SCE but have not yet paid the amount. Because me company told me to wait for another 2-3 days because they are trying to cancel my name in the SCE because I am already for final exit & we just only want to get my iqama & take final exit. I do not knOw if that is possible, that my emploer is trying yo cancel my SCE Engr Visa. Becauae I told them that I am already willing to pay for the registration for the sake of my final exit. Anyway, thank you my friend.

Asslamu Alikum,

Am raja from india.  am  in now saudi arabiya. my problem was am came in saudi 1 month before. due to my mother problem . i want go to india. i told my company accept my exit. am came in here engineer company told now without iqama you did not go exit and then apply for saudi engineering counseling department after that get to am very sad .my friends are told your visa was not expired 90 days validity . so you can go easily but company said follow this procedure  after get exit easily .am very confuse am stop my work am stay in room only.i dont what can i do .please help  me without iqama can i go to exit  my visa was 90 days period validity .now company said your passport send to riyadh passport headoffice  to stamping  for  exit it is possible . there stamping exit process. what can i very confuse .. how long time waiting this process.please any one reply me

How did you get final exit? And what is the procedure to get final exit if you are on engineer visa and 90 days visa duration.

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