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Hi Stumpy

I'm apparently a freelance doing bit of internet marketing and graphic design, but Savannakhet is my hometown, so pretty much spend most of the time there :)

good afternoon to everyone,
my name is Anita, i'm currently in Laos/ Luang Prabang since May 2015, keep coming back from January 2011.
I'm business consultant with over 16 years of experience in designing processes and training. as a professional in Human Capital Management area I wish to cooperate to establish best practice in human resources processes for managers, which area - in my opinion - is suffering from lack of such knowledge.
I will appreciate forum advice, what do you think about?
with best regards,

Hello everyone,
I am Jessie Malong from the Philippines.
I am currently working at MMG Sepon Mine as a technical advisor- trainer for the Copper Processing.
I've been working here in Laos for more than years now.
Best regards,

Hi, my name is Phouvanh. I used to work in New Zealand as Manager in thailalnd restaurant. I had move back to my hometown and I have 2 kid. I work as assistant manager in Lalco Hotel Group.
thank you

Hi everyone,

My name is Diane, I am french, 24 years old and stay a month in Laos in 2015 (Phongsaly, Oudomxay and Luang Prabang). I really loved the people I've met and what I've seen of the country in overhall. I participated at a Baci ceremony at a friend's and still have so much things to discover about the culture.

I am now working as Sales for an IT company in the UK but I am definitly looking for a career move in Asia. Although it would be amazing to find a position in Laos, even if so far I havn't seen many opportunities.

It seems that this forum isn't super active which is a shame and I hope a lot of person will come to share their experiences about Laos in the futur :D !

Best to everyone,



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Hi all, my name is Phillip. I'm a Canadian expat and have called Laos home since 2006. It's been a wonderful few years and I am never going back to Canada. Laos is home. The best place I've ever been.

I wonder if anyone out there is interested in doing some playing. I'm 56 and a drummer, so my music tastes run to classic rock n roll.

Hello, we are a Canadian couple from toronto....hoping to get out of the Canadian winter for 3 months...including 1 month is LP...also looking for rental unit with kitchenette, wifi..etc..  from dec 28 - Jan 26, 2017/18. 30 days only as per Visa requirements.  Any house sitting options or guidance...I will look into the Laolands the meantime....cheers...marah, toronto, Canada

hi cereal,,,we are Canadians from toronto...visiting dec 28-Jan 26....hope we can connect to have a cafe ole...cheers...

Hey guys! Im eddison from malaysia
Gonna be opening a Physiotherapy department in IMDC vientiane from october 2017
Do hit me up in you're into fitness! Looking for lifting partners and a secondhand motorcycle in decent condition :D

You can try looking for PKP apartment! Im currently living here for a month and the condition here is really good with laundry services and a kitchen to boot! let me know if youd like the contact for the owner :D

hello Eddy, marah here from toronto canada...sure I would love the contact information for the PKP apartments in Laos, i will be heading there for January, 2017..thx again...cheers...

hi everyone my name is Keith. From the U.S. Looking to move to Laos. I am a web developer and specialise in digital advertising. i dont believe that a persons career defines them, so shoot me a message, im friendly. as humans we are so much more, some things can't be defined.

when i come to laos, i am looking forward to visiting the buddhist temple, among other things :)

Hi im just new here planning to move to Laos this Sept ang looking for luck. I'm a nurse by profession. Love to teach and mold the future of the young generation. Can anyone help me to find a job pls. I would really appreciate for any comments and suggestions.

Thanks :)


Welcome to the forum.
Best thing for you would be to contact the hospitals and clinics in Vientiane for possible employment.
Wages are low here.

My name is Khamla, I am 44 years old and living in Vientiane. Recently I working with social welfare organisation, we are helping the children who lost their parents (orphan) and who are being abandoned by parents. This organization also focus on child rights and child safeguarding, but unfortustely this project will be end soon (the end of this year), I am now looking for the new job, my experience related to social work, community development. I was working as project leader such as project management, project planning, organization develppment, organization strategy planning, monitoring and evaluation.

Dear Julien

Thank you for your warm welcome.
We would like to seeking the right man for Production Manager which work at Vientaine Laos garment factory.

Can we post in this web site?

Best Regards,



Please post your offer in the jobs section at the top of this page.

Hi Ashkalicious

Welcome to the forum.
There are restaurants that advertise halal food. Just Google it.

If you are looking for halal groceries I suggest you you go to the 2 mosques here in Vientiane for information. Again, Google search will give you locations.

You are most welcome.

You could try the Khouvieng Pet Shop in Khouvieng road 02055236863.
There is a Facebook page as well.
Just Google pet stores Vientiane.

Some of the grocery shops that expats use have adverts in their windows for expats selling all manner of things.
Ask your Lao work colleagues too.


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