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Hi all,

I've always said. Venezuela is the best place to retire (if you don't mind being careful and take extra cautions to avoid the crime to get you). Only if your pension comes from abroad and you get paid abroad.

Venezuelan's government are so proud to speak about how much terrain they've conquer with retirement pensions and benefits - what they don't say is that those pensions are worthless for Venezuelan people. I can say 99% secure that they are less than 20$ per month.

Now, anyone coming with a pension of 500$ from their home country, will have a luxury life in Venezuela. Wait, you first need where to live. No one is renting homes anymore, and the one you find are in $ and high rates (yes, it does not make sense but that is how it is). So your best bet is to find a room with a host family and I guarantee you that you won't be paying more than 50$ per month.

That gives you 450$ spending money. Now, minimum wage in Venezuela is around 15$ - 20$. However you need more than that. The only way to live with that money is to SURVIVE. With money you don't need to Queue for food. Just pay a 'BACHAQUERO' and he will get you all the food you need at 20 times more expensive than buying yourself after 7 hours of queue. HOWEVER, 20 times is top example, as you normally find items by 3 - 8 times their value but still, I bet they are cheaper than in your home country.

I am going again in June, only if the rain season has started by then. ;)

Am I the only expat in Venezuela?  all the posts I see are ancient.


I live in Porlamar, sector Bella Vista. Friend Alan from the UK lives next door and John from 'down under' lives just around the corner. We meet on Fridays at the liquorstore Tacoronte in calle Jesús Maria Patiño next to panderia Vivaldi and  every Sunday 2 pm on the beach at Alexis' kiosk just behind Beach View Palace for a couple of polarcitas.

Ulrich, xxx

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So you seem to be from Gorgetown, British Guayana. There are many of you here on Isla Margarita, like my good friend Franklin from Parika. I am german and I live in Porlamar.

hi, all
I live in Lechelia.I wanna travel to Angle Fall.

Hello. My name is Rose. Am new to I speak English and am looking for a part time job. I hope to find one soonest

Thank you.

Hi everybody!,
My name´s Manuel and I´m an english teacher, my focus is communication, i teach via skype and whatsapp,
if you have any questions you can ask me,
At your service,

Hi All my name is Peter and I am considering a move to Playa El Aqua. I want to open a fine dining restaurant and bar as cooking is my passion.
Eventually I would like to buy a villa and convert it into apartments and open a tourist centre.
Are there many opportunities in Playa El Aqua or on Margarita island for this kind of adventure?


Hi. You better ask this question again in 8 to 10 years. For business Venezuela is +- dead.
To live here on any income from abroad Margarita is super. But not to work. Playa el Agua is dead. Most pension houses closed for lack of clients. Fine restaurants are not up there at the end of the world. They are mainly in Pampatar. Many closed. Lack of clients. Many foreigners living here left because of the political stuff and the insecurity. Only hardliners and crazy old men like me still stayed. Reason: 300$ are a fortune here. But you need some savings to buy an apartment. Renting is almost impossible. For more send me a mail to ulrichdaniels[at]

Sent you an email Ulrich, thanks


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