Work Salary

is 128700.00 Kenyan Shilling PM+ Food + Accomodation enough to survive..?

salary okay, has it been taxed? it looks good if tax has been paid the higher you earn the more tax
you pay in Kenya

OK..I need to check with the company whether the salary they said is after tax cut or without it...could u tell me how much tax would be deducted if my salary is 1500 USD per month.. And also would like to know if 1300 Shilling Pm for medicine expenses is it enough,,,?? whats PM cost if I cater for Indian Food Tiffin Service.?

On medical, that is not enough, it's expensive in kenya. Count roughly tax at 30% of the gross amount then decide. Food is also not cheap gut you can subsidize for cooking. To be an expatriate 128k will only make sense if it net of tax and your main expenses like rent, food and medical are covered.


please bargain for medical cover

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