Need to buy a house in Nairobi

Hi! I am moving to Nairobi from the USA by Dec 2010.  I need to start the process of buying a house in Nairobi.  I need an owner to owner agreement, and the monthly mortgage be no more than Ksh 25,000 a month.  If agreed, I will start making payments ASAP, before my tentative move in date of Dec 2010.  I will also need pictures to help me decide.

did u find ur house

No.  I haven't settled on any houses I have seen so far. If you are able to help in this regard, reply back.  Thank you.

check out,,
once you have identified a suitable location i can then help you with the other legal stuff

You should also post in the classifieds section ;)

in the meantime, do also feel free to get in touch as you may also need a lawyer to assist you with the transaction. can be reached on +254 723 120 345.

Hello O charles,glad to know you want to relocate back home that is  awise move where you are thinking of buying  ahouse,before anything else its important to know your preferences,your budget and the locality or area you would want to buy a house,my take from what you have said,you will need a house between 6-8 million shillings in order to pay a morgage of 25,000 per month comfortably.You can get in touch with me on this number 0721805443.Incase you need some temporary accomodation,am in the tour and travels field I could also assist kind regards Roger

For 25k you will not get a house in Nairobi


you can have a look at the AMS Properties website, they have a number of different projects.

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