Taxation of Pensions in Indonesia

Hi everyone! I'm considering moving from Australia to Bali.
Does anyone know whether  Australian pensions (private and government) received by expats living in Indonesia (Indonesian resident for tax purposes) are subject to local Indonesian income tax. The pension(s) I will receive will not be taxed in Australia.
Thanks for all your help. I can't find the answer to this anywhere.

Indonesia and Australia have a bilateral tax agreement. If you fulfil your tax obligations in Australia (in your case, $0), you are not liable for taxation on the same pension income in Bali. If asked, you may need to show your Australian notice of assessment, but this is rare.

Thanks for your reply borborigmus. As I am over 60 years old my private pension  is tax free and any Government pension, in my case, would be tax exempt. This means I don't declare them at all in my tax return and therefore will not appear on my Australian Notice of Assessment. Would this cause problems and possibly become assessable in Indonesia, if asked? Have a great xmas & New Year.

The tax laws and regulations here, and in particular their impact on expats, is changing each and every year.  For pensioners, be they from OZ, the US or the EU (and UK), so far, no impact, and it’s doubtful that pensioners will ever be affected much, if at all, in the near future.

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