Need info about guitar classes / teacher available

Good day expat fellows,

I am eager to learn guitar as I had some beginning classes before but since I have moved to saudi I am unable find any teacher :( .

I need good references =|


Ali zeeshan

Hi Ali Zeeshan,

I suggest you to have a look to the Music Classes in Riyadh section and to post an ad also. It might be useful. :)

Thank you,

Priscilla team

Dear Expat team,

I have already looked in to your music section but didn't find any reliable person. Specifically no one is there to teach guitars :( . Any way thanks for your concern :)

@Ali.Zeeshan - please post an advert in the Music Classes in Riyadh section :)

I have got the contact of guitar teacher from Dawlia showroom.
055 390 1173 Michael
That was a year ago. But I had no time to try.

Hi hope u r doing well welcome 2 saudia here is u r guitar teacher no. 050 282 5416 his name is Ahed n I am Samiraja - 0541 456 110
take care n bye

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