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hi Every One, i am Pakistani and working in saudia arab i have valid iqama with profession Building Electrician. i wana go to visit bahrain for 7 days what are the requirements for visit visa and from where i get this visa and charges

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You will need to ask your company to give you a single entry/exit visa that covers you, your family (if necessary) and your vehicle.

Depending on your HR department this could take months

I dont think you will be able to get a visit visa on arrival in Bahrain with your stated profession. You may have to apply for and obtain a Bahrain visa before travelling, in addition to getting the Saudi Exit and Re-entry Visa.

If you have family or friends here, they may be able to apply for a visit visa on your behalf, provided their respective employers permit them.

For further information check out this site please. It would answer you questions about eligibility:

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thanks Faraz sahab

i am alone want to visit bahrain, now what documents i need to get  visit visa for 7 days,

As previously stated, you will need to get the documents from your company. We cannot help you I'm afraid.

Go and speak to your HR department and they will help you if they can. Be aware that they may not allow you to visit Bahrain.

thanks dear

HR Department is only issuing me exit / Rentry visa and my passport
that sit, now can i get the visa on arrival my proffession is changed in jawazat records but they are not printing the new iqamas now my new proffession is ACCOUNTANT on jawazat records i have a copy of proof

Not sure how it could work. You can try at the causeway. But you run the risk of not getting Bahrain visa. Cant you apply for a visa at the Bahrain embassy? At least check with the Bahrain embassy if you could get a visa on arrival given your circumstances.

As far as I am aware your entry/exit visa is what you require to leave Saudi and you need that with your passport before you travel. If you are driving then your car needs to have the correct entry/exit papers too. You will have to pay BD5 for a visit visa in to Bahrain but they may send you back. We cannot give you any guarantees.

It may be better to fly rather than drive.

HR should be able to assist you.

thanks my dear friend

my company HR department is kind of shit, but i really thanks to u

thanks for reply

i wish i could but Embassy are not answering phone call and i don't know the timing in Ramadan.

Most HR departments are bad, it's not just yours.

Government offices are open 8am - 2pm but that is for offices that are usually open all day. You may be able to find their office hours online.

Good luck and I hope it goes well for you - I'm afraid we are quite limited to the advice we can give as a lot of it is just on a person to person basis

Hello all,

If you have a residence permit for a GCC country, getting a visit visa is a bit easier and it can even be applied at the causeway. The different types or visas are:

- Causeway Visit Visa (Saudi resident)    3d-2w    Issued on arrival at Causeway
- 3 day Visa (GCC-O)    On arrival in Bahrain
- 7 day Visa (GCC-O)    On arrival in Bahrain
- 3 day eVisa (GCC)    Internet
- 7 day eVisa (GCC)    Internet

The periods mentioned above represents the time you are allowed to stay in Bahrain.

Visit Bahrain eVisas website to apply online or to get more information about the conditions of each visa type or simply fly/drive to Bahrain if you've got a residence permit for Saudi Arabia.

Hi brightonguy - would the immigration authorities at the causeway look at the profession of the visitor before issuing a visit visa? Or would any GCC resident be able to get a visit visa at the causeway (regardless of their profession)?

I do not see any information regarding the profession on the website. I don't think they would. To be on the safe side, I would just go to the airport and check it there as it seems having a residence visa is enough to get to Bahrain.

Dear all

The information on websites is good, i visited BAHRAIN on EID Holidays Through Causway, its easy to get on Arrival Visa they are not asking anything except Valid Passport & Exit Rentry Visa thatsit, no profession is Required..

Please if u wana Visit BAHRAIN, go without any doubt and enjoy

I love Bahrain alot & Enjoyed Alot

Thanks & Regards
Prince PAk

That's great news.

I'm glad it was easy and you had a good time

Brilliant news. Next time let us know and we can meet up somewhere :)

Happy to hear this news and glad you had a good time here in Bahrain.  And thanks for the update. This will surely help others with the same question.

on evisa website it is mentioned

"Length of stay allowed is 3 days or 1 week or 2 weeks" for GCC citizens.

I am Pakistani and working in Saudi Arabia on IT Technician Visa and i want to stay in Bahrain for atleast two weeks.

I want to know that the length of stay is as per our choice or as per the immigration officer?

It is up to the discretion of the immigration officer always, but you can ask them you are intending to stay for 2 weeks. He might let you in for 2 weeks then, especially if you show your hotel booking etc.

Thanks for your reply. Would it be extendable?

Actually my brother lives in Bahrain and i will stay at his house

I'm exiting Saudi work here as housemaid and I want to go Bahrain as visit visa I have relative and friends there can I buy visa when I arrived on causeway just for a couple of days? Can I go through there? And what if a have visa can I go through causeway no need for book a flight? Can u help me
Thank you.

Hi there ,

Well considering your situation , you can't get a visa on causeway , as you will be going on Final Exit and can't use your SAUDI IQAMA .

Other way , get a sponsored visa :)

You can cross the causeway using it .

That is not true. I went their to the causeway from Saudi to visit Bahrain and o have a Iqama but couldn't get a visa there.

Gert25 :

That is not true. I went their to the causeway from Saudi to visit Bahrain and o have a Iqama but couldn't get a visa there.

Did u ask the officer why they did not give you a visa? i guess It will also depends on your designation mentioned on your iqama.

I guess it was because I allready used my single entry / exit visa. I am just going to get a multiple entry visa from our HR because I want to visit Bahrain many more times.

Apparently I could not get a visit visa since the Saudi system didn't want to let me leave. I think in my case a multiple entry visa is the best way.

How can you exit if you used your Saudi exit visa :)

Get a multiple one ;)

Can you give me details about what a visitor must do when he reach the cause way to enter bahrain
With a valid visa and 2 months vacation stamp
Kindly tell me the processing
Questions asked by the immigration
What to present and where to go at first

Faraz Bhai,

Assalamu alaikum wrwb,

I am working as an Software Engineer and my profession in my Business Visa is Consultant If Information Technology. I have seen that I will get exit entry bahrain Visa at free of cost at the causeway at bahrain border. But is the is there any specific sight where I can check for free entry exit visa of bahrain. Please let me know.

Thanking you,

I have gone through AIR, but it is really expensive. So I would like to through Cause Way so that I can save the money.

Jzkallah Khair,


check this link to see your eligibility … &A0S=a


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