Palm Bay Club on Amergris Caye

Does anyone know how to get a list of the owners at Palm Bay Club? Not the owners that currently own the entire property; but those that have purchased individual lots and are waiting to develop?
Thanks in advance.

We are owners of a beachfront lot and are also looking for other owners at Palm Bay club.

Still interested in getting to know the other owners in the Palm Bay Club subdivision at the North end of the island. I hear exciting things are happening there!

Hello. I think we have already connected through the new developer Frank Pollara. But I would be very excited to meet you the next time we are in Belize. We'll buy you lunch!

Very excited to get the airstrip started! We intend on building in about 5 years but to have the development going will be fantastic. Hoping the barge landing will come soon after. Any thoughts on when you might start developing your land there??


Doglady, are you talking to yourself? Or is some other person replying to you in private messages?  :/

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