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Kerze112 :
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hi kerze thanks alot may i add u here?  :)

Sorry i just saw your post. You still in Germany? Yes feel free to add me. I have a good friend, meet her at school, a pinay too, was an aupair here and now doing an Ausbildung.  Papers and ducuments were not easy but she made it. Maybe we can give you tipps.

Hi Kerze, can I call you viber/Skype/whatsapp for tips on Ausbildung?

Chaei: Please note that this is an old thread and kerze112 has not been active on the forum for over a year. So you may not get a reply.

Thanks Beppi ;)

Hi! Maybe I can help you :) I am doing my ausbildung in Berlin right now.

Oh that would be great abbie :)...any additional info is very much appreciated.

Hello Abbieutiful.

I'm from Cameroon and coming in Germany in a couple of months, I'm interested in doing an Ausbildung in Krankenschwester and I don't know where to start.

Please can we be in touch so that you help me getting suitable informations ? Let me know if it is possible.

Kev' Dr-Kalix: It is not clear from your message who the "dear" is that you addressed your message to (furthermore such intimate wordings towards strangers are not usual in Germany and will not help you).
If you want to contact one of our users in particular, please use this site's PM function. If not, please use the excellent information on this topic already given in this thread and similar ones (the site has a search function!). If any specific question is still open then, please come back and post it here.
Good luck!

Hello, Is it possible to apply for Ausbildung for who does not live in Germany?
and by applying for Ausbildung coming to Germany?
Is it possible for who has some years work experience and have BA apply for this?

Yes, it is possible for a foreigner to apply for apprenticeship positions and, if selected, come to Germany for it. However, since you already have a BA (Bachelor of Arts): Apprenticeship is meant as alternative to university education and does not add much to the career chances of a university graduate.

Hello. Thank you for your answer ! Please can you provide us a link were we can learn how and from where we can apply for Ausbildung ?

Kev' Dr-Kalix: Sorry, there exists no such link!
It is often small and medium sized companies who offer apprenticeships, and they are simply too numerous (and too small) to be listed online. There is no shortcut, you really need to identify the suitable ones in your industry and target location (e.g. by connections, your own research or scouring online job boards) and contact them accordingly. If you already have permission to work in Germany, you can also ask the Arbeitsagentur (German federal office of labour) for assistance.

Hello Kerze ..May l please get some advice ..l really need help on my ausbuildung steps

Hi,im Nina. Which Ausbildung are you doing?

Nina: It isn't clear whom you are asking.

Hello thanks for getting back to me.Yes am still in Germany as aupair.l havnt got a new sim card but we can talk via email til l get the new line.Thank you

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