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I'm interested in retiring to Ecuador.  I'm looking to travel there later this year, but one area that will have a real impact on the possibility of this move is access to specific drugs.  I'm currently on a drug called Atripla and from what I can gather by calling the maker in the US, this drug is not available in Ecuador.  Alternative drugs like Kaletra and Epzicom appear to be covered by the compulsory licensing implemented under President Correa earlier this decade but I'm unsure as to their availability.

Elsewhere on this site, I found a posting that suggested a manager at a pharmacy who would be willing to answer questions, but he has yet to respond so I thought I'd see if there are others who are in a similar situation and can comment on the availability, cost and insurance that might cover or reduce costs for this kind of health care.

I've done some research to see if I could import Atripla, but cost and limited providers (as well as some of the country's restriction) so far has made that appear difficult.

Right now I'm trying to determine if I can make the move and use the drugs I use today, or if an alternative is available locally that I might use that can control my illness.

I'd appreciate any information someone in similar circumstances can provide.


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Did you make any progress in your inquiry? I am having a similar issue, am planning to move to Ecuador and would like to know about access to (and costs of) HIV medication in Ecuador as well. Would very much like to get in touch with you.

Hi there, I am a student in Ecuador from the USA and I seroconverted here (super scary). I was able to find a doctor in Hospital Metropolitano and I was immediately put on Truvada and Stocrin (Efavirenz) (the same active ingredients in Atripla). You can find these meds in a specialised pharmacy called Vanttive in Quito for $165 / month for both medications.

You may need a prescription though, so here is the link to my doctor (she speaks English also). … oizquierdo

God Bless and Safe Travels!

I am also looking to move to Ecuador and am HIV + and also looking to see what meds are available there. 


meagansdad :

I am also looking to move to Ecuador and am HIV + and also looking to see what meds are available there. 


My husband has a kidney transplant and often has problems finding his anti-rejection meds available here and if so, then being affordable.  Check out pharmadelivery, which is based in Quito.  They speak English their, have good prices and deliver to your home.  Also if you have an Ecuadorian prescription and cedula, you can order them from out of the country.  We have them sent from India by DHL, the pharmacist there knows the protocol of having to include a copy of his Ecuadorian prescription, a factura stamped paid, and reduces the med costs on the invoice so that duties are at high here.  He's argued enough with the local DHL company in Guayaquil, that these are life threatening drugs if he does without that can't be found here, and so far they have argued on his behalf to customs so we pay very little tax and duty.  So yes, you can get drugs here if they don't have them in the country.  You just need an Ecuadorian prescription.

Hi,  I have been in Ecuador about a year and a half.  I have been working on resident visa with my husband.  I have insurance from the USA , but my doctor is refusing my refill because I haven't had a complete blood work for a year( can't find[translate] cd4 count and rnc pcr. I am living in the Montañita, Santa Elena area. 
I am on norvir , truvada, and prezista.  I Ave been + for 26 years... is there a alternative plan of meds ( more current) and a Dr. That can monitor me?



At the nearest hospital or large clinic, figure out what bloodwork is necessary if you don't already know.

Then have a doctor write you a receta for your meds.


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