Living abroad and in need of my medicine

I am currently living in Colombia and am going to be taking a month long class to get certified as a teaching English as a forigen language.  The medicine that I have been taking since the 1980s is banned in Colombia and I need to leave the country to renew my visa and I thought I would pick up my meds while I'm at it.

Does anyone know if Adderall or any ADD medicine is available in either Ecuador or Peru...I have had the hardest time trying to find the answer to this.  Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.


Flying to Quito or Lima or some other distant city every few months seems like a cumbersome way to deal with your disorder.

1.  Colombia has some of South America’s best hospitals and other medical facilities.  Have you fully investigated whether there is an alternative form of treatment there besides your current meds?

2.  If you have done such investigation and found that the disorder cannot be treated without leaving Colombia, would you consider moving to a place (once known) where the meds can readily be prescribed?

In Quito, Ecuador, brain altering meds -- namely, psicotrópicos y espeluznantes -- can be prescribed via a receta especial by a specialist who may charge $20 more for an office visit than a GP does.  My doctor (I do not have your disorder) is such a specialist in Quito named Ney Dolberg.

His local phone numbers are 2223047 and 2223015.  Typically his receptionist picks up during office hours and speaks español only.  If necessary, press her to put you through to Dr. Dolberg, who knows more English....

Si el doctor está, favor de permitirme a hablar con él ahora.  Es importante. 
If the doctor is in, please let me speak to him now.  It’s important.

cccmedia in Quito

Thank you so much for your reply.  I did find that they do have them in Lima but I just got off the phone with my father who suggested that I just stay in Ecuador a couple of weeks and try to find work there.  He thinks that there is a larger community of Expats their and thinks I'll have better luck finding a job.

Thanks for your help about the doctor though I will call him when my roommate returns.

What's Quito like?  Do you have any suggestions for someone who may be making it his next home.  Especially any suggestions about how to go about finding work?

There are more Expats in Ecuador than Peru, but that doesn’t mean it’s a decent environment for finding work here.  The language barrier, the preference for hiring Ecuadorians, the different business culture make it tough for those not fluent in Spanish.

To learn more about Quito (or Ecuador), visit the welcome-page of the forum of that name and use the search function off the forum page.  Or do some web searching starting with the Wikipedia pages for Quito and Ecuador.

You can always ask about specific aspects of life here by continuing in this meds thread or asking questions on other relevant threads.

cccmedia in Quito

Thanks meds are definitely still my main concern...where I can get my meds is going to be the same place I move and or find work....I've been in Colombia 4.5 months and as much as I love this place it's been basically impossible to concentrate.

Thanks again for everyone's help

Wish that I could help you.  My medecine is not available in Ecuador - for osteoporosis, also for a very low dosage of thyroid meds, the low dosage is the problem.  Why the osteoporosis med is not available is anyone's guess.


I tried both of those #s  twice with no answer...I'm sure I'm not doing it right

Hi Dixieman55
If you can let me know precisely which ADD medicine you require I will see if it is available in Ecuador. I need to know the exact product name. Russell

Also tell Russell the potency, usually stated in milogramos.

Are you still in Colombia, or did you enter Ecuador?

cccmedia in Quito

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