Hiring a domestic maid

How to contact?

My phone ***

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You are Malaysian, intend to move to France but looking for an Indonesian maid?

Are you located in Indonesia now and serious looking for a maid or just trying your luck and get personal contacts?

henkrubus :

mm 4.5 juta huh, well I am paying 600k for every day part time, half day, )

18 million/month for a maid.
She must be amazing.

In the real word, a non English speaking maid (probably not great) starts at 1.2/month, the pay rising with ability, dedication and English language.

I know of no maid or house keeper getting that money nor anyone willing to pay that kind of money. Rather the richer people are the less they pay.

Thats utter rubbish.

My housekeeper is currently paid 1.2 million a month with a daily food allowance. After 3 months we will increase her salary. Her rate is around 400K higher than the rest of the neighbourhood because I want someone who will stay and keep my son happy healthy and safe and the house in good condition.

18 million. What nonsense.

1.2 mio/month I am also paying for my maid. Live out, 3 x week from 10:00 to 17:00

Anything beyond is totally ridiculous except she is living in your premises and working 6 days/week.

Hi  Lolaz,   my  name is Indah,  I'm looking  for  housemaid job,  I have  experience  working with expat in  Jakarta  and  Dubai,  not  all  Indonesian  maid  is  bad,  it's  not  depending  a country,  it's  personal  attitude,  some  Sri Lankan,  Indian,  Pilipinas  housemaid also  bad,  not  only Indonesianean, 
Anyway  when  you  reach  Indonesia  and  you  needed  a domestic  worker  would  you  contact  me at  **.  please. Regarding  Indah

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I am looking for a maid from a long time someone who is trust worthy
Can be contacted anytime after 4 pm ***
Location of work is Ancol Jakarta barat

Important notice . We have pets

Fluency in English is not required we are fluent with the language

Immediate requirement.

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Hello all :cheers:

Whether you are looking for or proposing housemaid jobs, please refer to the appropriate section of the site :

> Personal and household services job offers in Jakarta


Thats is such a lovely post annie  thankyou.😊

What about driver who have experience driving expat family and konow jakarta area...can speak me if looking for a driver...

Best regards,

Doni hendri

If you need experience driver aldo..please contact me...


Doni henri

Hello ma'am /sir. I'm interested with your job offer. Please contact me

Dear lollaz
Sorry to.hear your bad experiences with indonesian maid before, i believe not all maid having bad attitude and please dont generalized.
In this site you may receive sharing from other expat from their experiences which I believe not all bad.
Last time I saw an advertisement from couple that recommend and looking new job for their awesome maid.
I also have some expatriates Colleagues from Sweden,Bangladesh, India, denmark and hk that very satisfy with their indonesian maid services.
You just need to be more careful during selection and interview.
If anything that I can do to help , you may contact me through this site.
Hopefully you and family will have wonderful time during your stay here.

A warm welcome from me

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