Buying bicycles in Bangkok

Hi, good afternoon I'm currently trying to plan a trip to the area and was wondering about buying bicycles in Bangkok.

My price range would be around £150/ 7000 baht.

Ideally I'm looking for a touring bike with big wheels that will take a beating on dirt roads.

I want to see the whole area through cycling. Any help is greatly appreciated, I'm still unsure whether to bring a bike or buy one in Bangkok.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Be careful and prepared of the street dogs. Riding bicycle in Bangkok can be very "funny"! Especially when you leave the main roads.

Quality cycles are about the same price here as the UK and I fancy more expensive than in the USA.

There are plenty of cheap(4000-7000Baht) models, mostly made in China. 

If you are doing some serious cycling expect to pay 14000 Baht for a decent import like Trek for example.

Sadly as in most places you get what you pay for.

BTW some airlines will carry cycles for free in the hold and even supply packaging you just remove wheels and deflate tyres. Worth checking if you have a good bike already.

Why don't you find a reantal bike here? Cuz My job field is related to the bikes.

Most bikes here are TREK. And you will know the several routes of your preference. I'm not cheering my company I work for. Just give you one choice.

Currently looking for a bicycle(S) to rent in the Khanom beach area.  For 3 weeks.  Could use 2 medium sizes or 1 medium &1 large.

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