Dutch people and language lessons in Ho Chi Minh

Hello all, we just arrived in HCMC and are looking for Dutch people to meet with and whom possibly can provide Dutch lessons. It would be especially great to meet people (young families like ourselves) who have young children (our daughter is 9 months old).

Are there any poeple interested in joining us for Dutch lessons as well? Looking fwd to hear from you.
Daniel and Kimty & Aliyah

Hi, I am from Belgium, my native language is Dutch.
I am living in Sai Gon since April 2009.
Are you looking for Dutch speaking friends or rather for a Dutch teacher for your child?
Best regards, Steeve

Hello Steve, we actually just found ourselves a Dutch speaking teacher (for my wife). But getting to know new people here would also be a great thing. Send me a mail on dcdegruiter[at] and we can chat further. Thanks!


Hi Steeve,

Can you give private Dutch lesson 2- 3 times per week? I just recently moved to HCM, living in District 2.



Hello Yong and welcome on board :cheers:

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I would suggest you to check out adverts from tutors in our following section :

> Language classes in Ho Chi Minh City

You may also drop your own advert in that section to increase your chances of being contacted by tutors subscribed to that section.

Wish you all the best :top:


Thank you!

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