Top 10 Expat Websites?

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I realize this is a rather subjective question but besides are there other "expat" or travel related sites that you utilize for (quality) information...?

I will start with the obvious - and then depending on search results I extend out from there depending on if I am visiting a place long-term, purchasing property, or moving for good. But, after the google search what sites do you feel offer constructive and unbiased information?


It depends on which country I am researching and how ´exotic´ it is.  I usually start with the following, as well as google.
and sometimes, Lonely Planet´s forum, The Thorntree.

This is good one for women moving abroad, particularly "trailing spouses." A ton of articles, country tips, mentors, a forum, blogs, business ideas,  etc...

I heard about another promising project: is an interesting site! an upcoming one :one

New website has just launched for expats in France and soon in Spain as well
It made by some of the same team that founded the popular gives free information and entertainment in radio/audio form. They have a huge range of subjects from legal and financial advice to cookery, gardening and music.

Some programming is downloadable and all of it is free.

They also offer five free listings to each registered member....oh membership is free as well of course.

Have a look

It depends on which country pls try

also use google...

i found a website that is quite good and called:, ut for some reason etisalat has banned certain functionalities and rendered the website unusable.

The best expat site is right here, for sure. But also you can check out The Expat Directory,and Internations, a worldwide expat face to face meeting group with events at bars, and such activities as cookouts. They probably have a chapter near you!

I agree expat-blog is the best :P

Sometimes you just need to check out other sites, I like this one:



In Spain there is Expat Financial Advice Blog It is designed to keep expats up to date with matters affecting their finances

I like  You can find out a lot about a place you want to move to or visit.

I love the links people are posting, so much great info.

I have been a long time reader of and would say it has certainly been useful during my travels - thank you Julien and the team!

Whilst living in Singapore was one of my most popular sites particularly the property pictures section.

Most recently was also bumped to the top of my list due to finding my current job through the site.

Several I know are: ;

i am a regular reader of expat-blog, there are so many other like,, but i find it more attrative, although the others have better features an more funtionalities, but i think in order to keep those functionalities working and to not exposing directly the expats, they have to take so many precautions which make these sites not friendly or usable in some way to a new or a common user!

As an earlier poster said, it depends on what country you're in. I soend a lot of time in Laos and there's absolutely nothing out there for that country, but there is a site with quite a few Laos based expats hanging around at is my favorite general interest expat site.

For International Business,asset protection, and living an international life, I use..

Great forum and membership. ;)

Tax returns?  That reminds me.  I think I'm supposed to file in the US even though I don't live there.

HaileyinHongKong :

Tax returns?  That reminds me.  I think I'm supposed to file in the US even though I don't live there.

As long as you are an American Citizen, you will be filing a tax return for the United States. If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask :)

The IRS website is unusually informative.  They have several pages devoted to expats.

HaileyinHongKong :

The IRS website is unusually informative.  They have several pages devoted to expats.

Yes the IRS has great information for Expat on their website! Great place to look!

I would suggest my site

British Expats dot com is a very active site for Brits abroad, as you would expect. A lot of the threads are trivial, and many of the posts are childish; but the site has a few good ones too.

bcaudill :

I would suggest my site

But some of your links don't connect: also, I couldn't figure out how to post a comment.
One of your recommended sites,, is a lily-pad for pro-NATO contributors. I'm still a member, but got sick of feeding the trolls in the Politics & Society section. Its Expats section is neutral, but it isn't used much. has two lively forums for Ecuador posts.

I don't usually visit the forums for the zillions of other countries with forums at the site.

cccmedia in Ecuador

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