Does anyone have experience with this issure? I try to get in contact with Direktorat Jenderal Imigrasi R.I., Jakarta. NO chance.

Hi Doc, (I hope you don’t mind me calling you that)

I went through that process a while ago and used the folks at PT Bali Ide who were fantastic and very professional.  In fact, I’ve been using PT Bali Ide for most all of the 15 years I’ve been living here.  You can just Google PT Bali Ide for their contact details. 

If you don’t already know him, you could also meet and discuss this issue with a fellow Austrian, Hans Hayden (from Vienna) who operates the Café Lotus restaurant here in Ubud where I live.  Hans has been around for over ten years and I believe he recently went through this process too.   He’s a wonderful gentleman and you’d enjoy meeting him anyway. 

Good luck and enjoy your diving.

Hi Ubudian, I would prefer Michael (also Austrian) to Doc - thats just a title. Yes I know Bali Ide, but had not good experience at all with them. Expensive and very slow. I live here in Karangasem, therefor Imigrasi is Singaraja. I applied for 3 times for the ITAS sponsored by Indon. wife there - no problem, no money on the side. I did it all without agent. But when I applied for the conversion to ITAP (5 years)last Sept. it took ages (new officer behind the desk) till it was delivered via Imigrasi Dps to Jkt where it is now. But really impossible to get in contact. The number on the website (which is actually quite good) never answers. So I get a little bit nervous, because the ITAS will expire on 25 March. Would you pls let Hans Hayden (with e not like the composer) know that I would like to get in contact with him. Have a nice time.

Michael, if you applied for your 5 year ITAP through imigrasi in Singaraja wouldn’t it be best if you followed up with them for the current status of your application? 

As for Hans Hayden, I’m sending you a private message with his e-mail address.

Cheers and good luck.

I did several times, but the always told me I should get in contact with Jakarta. Just excuses...

That's unusual that imigrasi in Singaraja would tell you to contact the main immigration office in Jakarta.  That's a first for me, but then again, I've always dealt with the head imigrasi office in Denpasar, or I'd get my Balinese wife to jump on her horse for me.

Good luck!

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