My Singapore S Pass rejected ... need help !

It depends on what MoM alredy has in the records and what they think about you.
If everything is as you indicate, there should be nothing to worry about.


15 days needs to publish in Job bank, a job portal catering to local requirements.

It has to prove that the foreigner has better skills then the local talent before they hire a foreigner.

Note: The employer can skip this process, if an employer has less than 10 employees and salary for the position is more than S$15k in its Singapore office.

lucyrecruit :

If I am not mistaken, the applying company must have to advertised in some singapore site for a month and show that the company is not able to employ a local singaporean for that postition. when all avenue to source for this position is done, the last resort is then to employ a foreigner. I believe this is how the MOM now work

Correct, except that the advertising period is two weeks. The site is called "Jobs Bank".

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