Any jobs for a mechanical engineer in DRC- Lubumbashi to be exact or business opportunities?

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I will suggest you, to post an advert in the Jobs in Lubumbashi section.
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     I am Indian and i am Diploma Civil Engineer course completed on April-2004. Now I have 8years Experience there. Now I am looking lubumbashi any one job.
If any vacancy there.Please inform by e-mail.

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Please post your advert in the Jobs in Lubumbashi section, includint details of qualifications and skills. This might be helpful.

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Chemaf is a good company but the chairman is not always kind.for the salary ,you may go up to 10000 us for also can negotiate for accommodation.

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Dear Sir/ Madam
    I'm a young man of 31 years of age

Presently I'm working in Sierra Leone as a Dump Truck, Grader and Excavator Operator here under a contract,and I heard about your company need such skilled operators! and that is my big dream to join you as the above mention equipment operators, if only there will be an opportunity.

Justice Kwabena Frimpong


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Can you please give us further information concerning your post?

To whom are you talking to and how can we help you please? :)

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I'm Thamilarasan . I have 4.8 year experience in mining and metal field.
before i was worked in sterlite copper .3.5 year experience .Now Currently working in SUPRAS RESOURCES TZ LTD, Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania. (1.3 year)
Proficiency in Analytical Instruments like Thermo ICP, XRF, AAS, Niton-XL3t ,Niton-XL3t golden+, Spectro OES and other analytical instruments
Proficiency in Exploration & Mining samples analysis & reporting.
End user of soft ware’s like SAP, MS OFFICE.
Knowledge about Best 5S practices.I had some news in chemaf chemist vacancy there .My self already sent resume in company mail id  but no reply.

Can you please give us further information concerning that post? i will need your help .

please sent your contact number and mail id .can you help me .

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Why don't you start a new conversation on the Lubumbashi forum?

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Please keep me posted for any position as per my Profile in Linkedin and Viadeo.

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Pascal Muyumba
Senior Training Coordinator
HSE Departement

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I have a job offet from Hyper Psaro SA in Lubumbashi. What do you think? Are their guest houses safe? What os your opinion about the company?

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Hyper psaro it's good company

Hi Coenie, Are you still employed and living in DRC?

Frds I got an offer from somika can you plz tell me details about the company nd they offered me 1000usd its enough or not

Right now where are you sir

In south africs

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