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In what parts of Ecuador are the concentration of expats living? For example, I know Cuenca has alot of expats, but where in Cuenca? Plus what other cities/areas?

In Ecuador Id say the most expats live in Cuenca, Quito, Cotacachi, Salinas and Manta... and to a lesser extent Vilcabamba and Bahia. 

hope that helps, Dom
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Thanks Dom, this is about what I'm ready on the blogs. We don't necessarily need alot of gringos around where we live, but it would be nice (kinda a little security net sorta speak). We're looking at the valleys around Loja (catamayo and south around Malacatos) and the Manta/Bahia areas because us Texans can't take the cold.

I was in Cuenca this week checking it out, and this Texan found it a bit warm during the day. Nights were cool, but I wore short sleeves most of the time, despite the locals wearing coats, scarves, hats etc.  There's a large number of gringos in Cuenca, which is one reason I may have to change my mind about it.   Manta is warmer than Cuenca of course, and is the main reason it hasn't been on my radar; although I may rethink that. Southern area around Vilcabamba and Loja etc, is lower and warmer as well.

Dont forget about us 12 gringos living on the North Coast!

If you live in Catamayo, Malacatos, Loja i would like some serious discussion on the social service needs, churches, weather, safety, acceptance of Gringo-Latinos from 'up-northcurrently in Fla LOL.
My email is. Chaplainjoegomez[at]
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My wife and I from Den/Grand Junction, CO. currently reside in Quito. So far I like it. We do not see many Expats in town, but they are there. I think I like it that way as it promotes more interaction with the local culture.

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