Health insurance for Americans living abroad

With the Supreme Court upholding ObamaCare, does anyone know if Americans residing abroad have to maintain US health insurance? I plan on moving to Ecuador within two years (one of the reasons is low cost health care).

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I have tried to get in contact with some health insurance companies there, but have hit a wall. You need to do what we did. Squeeze out the money for Spanish classes or like we did, Rosetta Stone. We contacted Salud S.A. and are having a language problem. Other insurances like the ones you click on on the Ecuador sites are very expensive. From what I gather you can buy insurance from various hospitals in Ecuador, or try Salud. I am still trying to get a quote. Hope you have better luck.
We are planning on moving in May, hopefully we can have a few more things resloved.

I plan on getting insurance when we move there, but was looking to see if anybody knew anything in reference ObamaCare and folks living abroad. Do it state that a US citizen has to have US health insurance even if they live outside the US or face the same penalties as if living in the US....I have insurance now thru my employment, but won't when I retire.  Just trying to get on the ball as big government infrindes on me.

Hi,  From what I read on Live and Invest, if I understood it correctly, is that once you are living out of the US and if you "qualify" for the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion" even if you do not need it/use it, then you would not be required to have the Obama Care required insurance in the US.   Now to do this you must establish residency both on paper, and physically outside of the country,  or be gone from the US for all but about 30 days in a year.    I am also still following up on this.   I have read from several different Americans/Canadian who have purchased good insurance in Ecuador for a couple for about $200 per month.  But they were not on this Blog.

My wife and I are under 65 and I bought an insurance policy with Santa Ines in Cuenca. The total cost of the plan is under $50 each per month. It covers quite a bit, even drugs. PM me and I can get you in contact with the agent for a quote and the coverages. They even have a plan for those that are over 65.

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