Getting marriage in the Netherlands

Hi, I'm female from Vietnam and I plan to get marriage in Netherlands with my dutch boyfriend
Currently both of us live & work in Vietnam but my boyfriend is plan to back his hometown to work soon in short-term

So far I read from Internet about form M46 for foreigner will take appx. 2 months for processing, and M46 is for s.o who want to stay in Netherlands after getting marriage but I'm not plan to stay in this country.

I still have my career in Vietnam, is it possible for me just to go to Netherlands to get marriage ( with some basic paper like birth certificated, single document...) and back home within 3 weeks? Do I need to apply for M46 or not?


I'm from Albania and my boyfriend is an Dutch national. We've started the procedure for the marriage there, in the Nederland. I've sent my papers as a foreign citizen at the office on the citty hall and I'm waiting for the next step. But I need to know if is necessary that I come at the nederland to give the notice of the marriage, or I can make a power of attorney before a notary here in Albania, where I expressed my willingness to marry in the Netherlands with my fiance (who is Dutch nationals)and sent this document in the Nederlands?
Thank you

It is not necessary to get married in the Netherlands.
If you marry with a Dutch in another country you can send from both partners your birthcertificate, marriage certificate and some other forms,translated in English and apostile from the Dutch embassy in the country where you married to the Gemeente Den Haag.

It is possible that in your case are different rules.

For more information please visit this site: … e-akte.htm

Good luck.

thank you
I know that I can get married in another country, but we decided to get married in the Nederland and we started the procedures hopping that this was shorter and easier. For this reason I asked if now is necessary for me to go in the Nederland for the notice of marriage, or I can send there a power of attorney before a notary here in Albania, where I expresse my willingness to marry my fiance (who is Dutch nationals)and sent this document in the Nederlands.
So I want to get married in the Nederland, but I don't know if I have to go there before the marriage, even for the notice of marriage.
Here in Albania both partners can go in the citty hall and give there willingness to marrie each other, but if one of them cannot for the moment,then he/she can sent a power of attorney. And sure, the day of the marriage both partners should be together.
Anyway thank you for your advice

You are welcome.

If you know the place where you going to be marry, ask the employee from Burgerzaken at the cityhall.
He/she can tell you more then people on this forum.

Anyway, make a beautiful and memorable day of it.

Is there anyone active here whom I can ask something??

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yes, you need a mvv to get back to netherlands

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