Questions about the Inburgering exam

Hi all,

Decided to join this forum as my thought has been bothering me alot :(

My partner is a Dutch and we have been together in a long distance relationship (sucks) and I really need to move to NL to be with him. Looks like, the Inburgering exam is the only way for now. Some questions to clarify my doubts:-

1) Can the exam be taken only in the country that I reside in currently? eg: can I take the exam when I'm visiting in NL?

2) Is there any other way for the partner to apply some sort of long term pass / visa for me?

3) Even if we decide to get married, I still have to pass the test? Or is there anyway else?

Many thanks in advance!

Hi there m,

To answer a,b,c the answer is yes the exam is compulsory. IND will not grant you the MVV/TEV without passing the exam

As for only taking it in your country of residence I am not 100% sure but in my case I took the exam at a Dutch embassy in my country.

The exam is actually quite easy so you have nothing to worry about as long as you practice daily.

All the best


Thanks! What if out of 3 sections, you failed one or two section of it? Do you then have to repeat the exam all over again or just the section that you failed?

How long upon passing the exam you need to wait for the pass to be approved to stay legally in NL? :)


If you fail one out of the 3 sections then you only rewrite what you failed and not the whole exam, this is info I found online while researching for my exam but you can confirm with the embassy.

Once you get your results you can apply for MVV right away if you have all the right documentation. I am anxiously waiting for my answer from IND

Good luck

Inburgering Exam Tutorial .Pm me :D

donnainguillo :

Inburgering Exam Tutorial .Pm me :D

As the thread is closed where you offered payed Dutch lessons through Skype, I would like strongly advise only to take lessons from a native Dutch speaker.
No offence to you but native speakers can teach you much more than those who speaks Dutch as a second language.

That's true and I don't disagree but Im open for their choice .Thank you

Hi.Do you know where I can look for a Native Dutch Language buddy.Is there a website? Thanks Annette Steenkamp

've a look at:  (info in other language than NL or EN)
Welcome to Naar Nederland
This website is for people who wish to prepare to take the Basic Civic Integration Examination Abroad. This is the examination which some people must take and pass in order to obtain a provisional residence permit (mvv) allowing them to live in the Netherlands.
IMPORTANT: read this brochure about integration in the Netherlands by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment. The brochure is available in several languages. Click here.
IMPORTANT: If you’ve bought the Naar Nederland package before 1 november 2014 you can download the NEW KNS QUESTIONS here. You have to make the new exams on a computer. You can read about it in the article below (More about changes in the basic civic integration exam for those abroad).

Hi donnainngullo
I will speak to my husband and let you know. What day in the week and time do you normally book Skype lessons?


MVV is still necessary even if you get married. I flew back to Singapore to take the exam after I got married. There is no easy way out. Unfortunately.

Best of luck!

For dutch lesson (language and culture) contact Linda  at Amsterdam.
Tel: xxx,
all the best,

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Hi Tinkerbelz... Did you already take the Inburgering exam?

Hi Khinvdijk, nice to e-meet you. No I've not yet done so. Looking at beginning of next year maybe.

I have paid for it, just need to book the slot, but I most probably won't do so this year as I will be travelling in Oct and Dec :)

I am looking for a buddy to take Dutch lesson for the exam. Anyone?

Next questions - how do we book the test? We have to pay first then they will tell you the exam date?

Thanks a lot

As far as I know, the only alternative is that you and your partner settle in another European country for a couple of months and get a residence permit there.

Hi, tinkerbels!you must take the inburgering to your current place where u lived now, plus u can come here to NL also but only to take a visa good for 3 month, even though u are married u still need to get the exam.....

I was just wonder if you take the test already and how it was it ,
I just started the process yesterday and I need to take the test . I'm lost don't know where to start
As I don't speak any dutch 😳
Thank you

Like wat country po? Thanks

Hi! I will take the exam (3rd try for speaking) on June 11. the exam is not fairly easy.. you really need to study to be able to pass the test. Good luck!

Hi carla! Im curious about the exam. Im planning to take the exam around October maybe. What are the topics that are discussed and how easy was the test on the scale of 10? Did you also study dutch basic and the culture before taking the exam?

hi there Ronny.. do you have the kit from Naar Nederlands? actually this is the first thing you have to study. everything is in there.. for KNS, Reading and speaking. actually for the speaking part you have to get a tutor. this is something i should have done before i took the test but i underestimated it.
KNS very easy.. Reading moderate hard, Speaking... very hard!!! Good luck!

hmm i have no problem with reading. i can speak nederlands already but not good. my problem is listening skills which is a bit tricky. as i need to pause for 10 seconds and understand everything haha. im just concerned with my application with my dutch gf. coz it says it should be 21 but shes turning 21 this year is it still possible to get the sponsorship? she was also my sponsor when i got my tourist visa for 2x already.

and i applied already. im worried coz it says that i have to wait for application for 5 days. was it the same for you? they didnt gave me email that i have to wait for 5days. shall i be worry?

listening would be the same for the speaking as the exam is a video of recorded questions and you have to listen and understand the question then answer it in dutch. Hence the need of a dutch teacher so you will be fully aware of the exam. Reading is a bit hard as it is given in a paragraph like questions.. like a short story and they will give you questions about it. so your vocabulary should be good too cause it is very tricky. about the age and stuffs about your sponsorship.. i think your GF have to get in touch with the IND and know all the requirements. i am not sure about this but my fiance told me he needs to send a document that he can support me when i get there, i think there is a required salary income per year, plus she needs to put you under her healthcare plan,etc... like i said better let her get in touch with the IND.
Yes, once you apply for the exam.. you have to wait for 5 business days before they will send you a confirmation that you can take the exam... it will also give you the details as to how to wire the money for the payment of your MVV. once you made a payment.. you have to wait for few more days that they have received your money. when you get that email, you can now contact the embassy where you are residing and book an appointment for your exam.
Best of luck!

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