Getting married in Mongolia

no wads of cash?

If I understood you correctly, it took you 2 weeks to get the new visa issued in order to come to Mongolia? Or longer?
I'm in a similar situation and will have to leave (to Russia, probably) once I get married to my Mongolian fiance in order to enter the country with a different visa and then ask for the residency.

Hi all! So, in your experience, how long did it take to actually get the marriage registered after you submitted all of the required documents? Do we need to reserve a date in advance? I'm not looking for a beautiful ceremony, just the legal part. I'm here on a tourist visa which will expire in 5 weeks, so a bit of a time crunch.

Our paperwork was done within two weeks, but I think they tell you it can take longer. And no, no wads of cash. You can get married without a ceremony, just provide the proper paperwork.

Ok.  I am from USA and my wife is from Mongolia. I am am a Singapore Permanent Resident, so we got married in Singapore. How do we get our marriage officially recognized in Mongolia?

I think you have to provide all of the same paperwork as if you were getting married in Mongolia and provide a translation of your marriage certificate.

Hi all!
I think I posted here before ages ago, now I'm back with part 2 of the marriage saga. We got married in Germany, and I'm a Mongolian citizen. Does anyone know if I have to simply register the marriage back in Mongolia, or is there a whole other process? Anyone have any similar experiences?


You don't HAVE to register the marriage in Mongolia (as far as I know).... though it might be helpful if you two are or plan to live in Mongolia or if you want your children (if any) to have Mongolian citizenship.  Otherwise, I can't see a huge, compelling reason to register your marriage here.

Assuming you desire to register your marriage here, the process was not that burdensome from what I remember.  We did it in person during my first visit here... you might want to ask your local Mongolian embassy if it's possible to do it through them; even if they can't, at the minimum they can tell you what documents you will need to bring if you have the chance to do it in person later.  I don't remember all that was involved when we did it some 5 or 6 years ago, but I do recall we had to have our original marriage certificate and a certified translation of it, as well as copy of my main passport pages.  I think we gave them a copy (and translation) of my birth certificate, but I don't remember for sure.  Not sure if the process has changed any since then (a lot of government offices seems to have been moved and reorganized in recent years), but other than it taking a while to receive our marriage certificate (in the form of a small folding booklet that looks a little like a Mongolian birth certificate) it was relatively simple.

Now when it comes to applying for Mongolian birth certificates for your children born outside of Mongolia?.... THAT was a royal pain.  Especially if they take their father's surname as their own surname, instead of the Mongolian naming convention.  Took us months to iron that out, because they said "their new computer system wouldn't let them do it".

Thanks for the quick reply! Good idea to call the embassy. I was just worried it would be a big deal as I heard getting actually married there is quite annoying. Don't plan to live or register kids there, so hopefully everything else will go smoothly/nothing is required at all.

Hi everybody, my wife is native and I'm french. We meet in 2006 and marry in 2007 in UB. From France formalities during 5 months, from mongolia during 1 month. It was a hard work for to be marry in the two countries at he same time. We was the only couple to be marry in french embassy in 2007.
Since we have 2 more childs ( my wife have 2 before) and we are happy since 11 years.
If you want to marry you, be patient and sure of you.
Mongolia is very easy for organise a wedding.

Could you please send to my email the English version covering getting married in Mongolia. Email: jeddy85[at]

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