Opening a bank account in Mongolia

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is it difficult for expats to open a bank account in Mongolia ?

Which documents are required to open a bank account in Mongolia ?

How long does it take to open it ?

Is there any restriction for expats regarding the services (loans for instance)  ?

Which bank would you recommend ?

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I was at the Golomt bank and opened a "hariltsaanii dans", that's a usual bank account.

Documents required: your passport. You need two pictures, and during the process you go with a paper and a picture to a notary, they stamp it, then you bring it back to the bank office and then you're in. A card costs extra, usually you put in or take out money personally, you just state the account number and show your passport.

Loands ?  Nope, money rules the world, especially positive amount of money on your bank account. Interest reates are at 2-4%, on a monthly base. Not annual. For sure you don't get a loan, but all other services are accessible. On a savings account you can get about 6% on foreign currency or 10-14% on Tugrik. The exchange rate is pretty stable at 1:1300 to the US$ since 2007 but the annual inflation is about 10%, maybe 20% without affecting the exchange rate.

Believe me you don't wanna do that. Nothing is secure "here", that's hire&fire even if you have signed a long term work contract.

The Golomt bank has internet banking, that's 30$ for a password generator and an extra contract.

This account has a SWIFT number, IBAN is available only at the "Trade and Develpment bank".

The procedure took about 2 hours, and the internet banking contract must be gotten from the center of the Golomt bank at the Sukhbaatar square, one or two days after.

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I opened an Хаан Банк basic account and it is very simple to do.  I only too my passport and resident card, filled out the form and everything was done.  A week later, my ATM card was ready to pick up.
It was too easy.

Does Golomt charge for an ATM card?

Hi there, did you have to have a resident permit/card to open your account?


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