Looking for friends Holland

:top:  hi! friends from Holland!!!

Hi Devothy,

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Can you give us a small introduction please?

How can we help you?

Hey, I live in canada but am looking for friends in holl

Hi Phoenixjvko,

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A small introduction about yourself is much appreciated.
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I am a Gambia wishing to communicate friends in holland

Madam , how are you , this is disan and iam from uganda and i am looking for friends do you mind being my new friend ?

Hi Disan,

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I am okema bob brian, i just learnt about Denhaag in history but iam willing to be there and i know no one please lets creat friendship. Welcome to uganda here is my private email adress, okemabobbrian[at]

You are my excellent friend, I appreciate you for your effort and dedication. Your sincerity and effort highly solicited. Can we introduce ourselfe for conversation and international learning sharing

Im currently in Holland and i'm looking for someone to show me around and teach me a bit about the culture around here. Also just have a friend around since im moving here soon. I'll be here until Christmas, then flying back home but i will return as my mom lives in Holland.  :top:

Mostafa Metwali
with pleasure I can share all that with you and spend nice time in Amsterdam you live in it right?

Hi , I am currently living in S.A  and I am saving up for a holliday to my Motherland in Holland , I am also a keen runner and planning to do the Rortterdam Marathon next year , this will be my first time overseas , if any one knows off reasonable accommodation , can you please assist ...thank you very much my email address is jaco[at]
Regards Jaco.

Hey There!!
I am Simha from India. I am looking for some cool friends from Netherlands to share our thoughts and cultures and get to know each other. Since, I am coming to Netherlands for studies and I will be staying for 2 years, I want a few cool friends before I land. So, looking forward to your replies in here. Hope I find some good people here. Cheers!!

Hello Simha and welcome on board.

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Kenjee Team

Hi Im looking for friends in the  Netherlands Im in america and looking to move there some time in the near future and want to make friends before I do!

Hello ,
       I am in The Gambia not intending to travel to Holland yet, but  I interested in communicating and learning about other countries round the world. my email address is **

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HI, Are you still in Amsterdam? Anita

My name is Anita and I'm from Czech rep.. I moved to Haarlem in April 2010 and would like to get to know some other girls in Haarlem or from the Amsterdam area.

I have friends but they are Dutch and I want to know girls from other countries just like me, I think we have much in common.

I like going to cafes or just to walk around in Haarlem and Amsterdam. Shopping or just nice conversation with wine or coffee.

Would be happy to hear from you!


email me : ***

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Hi I'm interested in getting in touch with you
I'm a Dutch citizen from Algerian descent  I do speak fluently Dutch French English as well as arabic too

Just a warning: she's clearly looking for girlfriends so men need to stay away from this thread.


Hello :) I'm going to Amsterdam next month and looking for Christian friends :)

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