Any Singaporeans in Townsville?


I have been living in Townsville since March 2010 and have made lots of local friends. However, I have yet met another fellow Singaporean in Townsville. Hopefully someone will see this post and make contact with me.

Currently I am terribly homesick(guess it's the Chinese New Year playing some tricks) and my husband and I have been thinking of moving back to Singapore by the end of this year. It's still up in the air as he's a local.


Hi LaiFong,

Welcome on the Queensland forum.

I wish you get lots of new contact very soon.

All the best,

Hello! Sylvia here! You still in Townsville?

Kyokowen :

Hello! Sylvia here! You still in Townsville?

Hello Sylvia and welcome on board

For info, Leah has not been very much active on the forum since this post in 2012.

You may not get any response from her.

Do not hesitate to participate on more recent threads or to create your own to introduce yourself to the expat community in Queensland!


Hi there

Sgrean in Brisbane here. Would be great to keep in touch and visit each other whenever. Townsville is relaxing. But i still prefer semi city lifestyle in Brissy :)

Curious to know - any Singaporeans in Townsville?


Am no longer in Townsville. My husband and I have moved back to Singapore for good since Oct 2012. As he is an Aussie, life was initially a struggle but now we have settled very well and comfortably in Singapore. I would have to say that it is so much better here than Townsville!

Hi, sounds great for you, Leah. Thanks for the update. I'll keep trying and see if I could bump into another Singaporean here. :) All the best for the future.

Hello Leah :cheers:

Since you are no more in Australia, I am presently closing down your thread.

I invite other Singaporeans to create a new 2016 thread about looking to network with Singaporeans in Townsville.


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