Civil marriage on tourist visa?

madam,,,,,i would like to say that you must leave mauritius once, and re-enter to enjoy your marriege cerimony.


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yes he is allow to marry

you are Mauritian ???

I think he will need to specify this at the point of entrance into Mauritius

Hi there, I see you say you can help this lady. please could I ask you some advice.

I've been to Mauritius 3 times.
my boyfriend of 8 years is Mauritian and has a Mauritian passport but has always lived in SA.
He moved to Mauritius 8 months ago to run his dads company and is now a resident there.
i'll be going to Mauritius in May to see him
I'm looking for job opportunities as I would like to move there and apply for an occupational permit to live and work in Mauritius.
I'm trying to make sure I I have a few interviews set up when I'm there in May.
My boyfriend and I have discussed getting engaged once I am there and starting a life and a family together.
Do you know what steps I would take,? of any advice you have for me?
As I see you say to the other women that the next time she comes back into the country she would have to say she is coming there to marry a Mauritian? Would it be advisable for me to do that as well?
it says if I'm coming into the country as a professional I would have to earn 45 000 rupees per month, if I'm coming to work and get married - do you know if this still applies to me? as the salaries aren't that great in Mauritius and I wouldn't need to earn that much just yet as we will already have a house and a car and my boyfriend has a good job as well.
do I just apply for an occupational permit to live and work there for the max 3 years and then say we getting married when I re-apply for permanent residency after my 3 years is up? I'm not sure which route to take so your advice would be greatly appreciated as we want to do this properly and hassle free.

thank you

kayleigh: what you are staying is totally feasible. Naturalisation from marriage is 4 years not 3 though.  You got everything right. All the best !

Am a Gambian n I wish to travel to Mauritius for business. Should I need to pay returned ticket

Hi everyone. Im Montenegrian (ex Yugoslavia) merried to Mauritisn citizen. We hot merried in Montenegro. I have some International merridge certificate. I just wanna ask if anyone knows if they gonna value this certificate in Mauritius.
Thank You

Hello am jimmy from mauritius and i love a woman from tunisia also we want to know what documents and what can we do to live happily in mauritius :) We have a tight budjet and we can't travel alot must she apply in her own country before arriving here ?

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